How To Avoid Getting Sick In Singapore

Safe money, safe energy and feel good. If you want to stay healthy in Singapore or prepare well before arriving, you have to read this!

After 3 years of spontaneous self-healing and strictly avoiding the Singaporean doctors I finally met the Men In White last week, and only because of a flue, what a shame!

It’s not that I don’t like doctors, but I have a long trail of extreme sports history (and accidents) behind me, and at one point your level of pain-taking goes up while your sensitivity for your own care goes down.

Your Number One Enemy – The Air Con

My parents pretty much made the point when saying, “Uh, at home it gets cold when we are leaving the house, here it’s the other way around“.

With a painful regularity I catch a cold when coming back from overseas, sleeping in a freezing room, where little sweat drops on your forehead turn into salty ice balls over night.

There is unfortunately not much you can do, there are Air Cons everywhere, and if they are not, you start to perspire, its like a vicious circle.

  • Watch Out For AirCons
  • • Try not to sleep with an AirCon on during the night but use a fan instead
  • • Change into dry clothes when being in a room with AirCon on (after workout etc)
  • • Avoid sitting directly in the “Air Flow” of the Air Con

Sneezing And Coughing Colleagues

It’s a great thing if your working moral is that high, forcing yourself on your little desk even though you can’t breath, think and hear. Let me help you out: “You Are Sick!!”.

People here tend to ignore the little health advise posters, asking you to stay at home and see a doc if you wake up with a blocked nose or mind. (The 6 Most Weird Campaigns Seen In Singapore)

So no wonder it happened several times already that one colleague came in, just to sneeze and cough for 8 straight hours, and the next day the whole office was con-terminated.

Great Success! (to use my favorite Borat line)

  • Politely Ask Your Sick Colleagues To Leave
  • • Why not, it’s your right not wanting to get sick, right?
  • • Explain your manager why one person not working for a day, is better then the whole department missing the next week
  • • Have a face mask stock in your desk to hand out to your colleagues, just in case, so they will get the point

Say “Hello” To My Little Friends Pills

There are several “ancient Chinese methods” to keep you alive or bring you back from the (nearly) death, and thanks to my friends I have tried them all.

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‘)); ?> For the details and funny experiences I went through, Continue Reading Here “10 Best Things To Do When Being Sick In Singapore“.

However the “modern warfare of medicine” is almost as well prepared for your flue. Go to every department store or 24-hour shop and you can get a whole array of really useful medicine (without prescription of course)

Last But Not Least – Have Some Juice

One of my favorite things in Singapore are the every where available “really” freshly made Fruit Juices.

It’s like “Vitamine Bombs on the Rocks” and its cheap and tastes much better then that sticky brown coughing syrup, I accidentally threw on my floor, just to let me go down on my knees and cleanup for the rest of the day… and its still sticky, I swear that stuff is evil. (5 Good Things Of Living In An HDB Flat)




“However the “modern warfare of medicine” is almost as well prepared for your flue. Go to every department store or 24-hour shop and you can get a whole array of really useful medicine (without prescription of course)”
I disagree – the local govt is SO concerned that the people here will use drugs to escape the boring monotony of their lives in Singapore that any decent remedy is ONLY available with prescriptions. I have to stock up with the relevant tabs etc when I’m away so that I can actually get treatment for what is wrong with me (as I’m not quite certain how ill you have to be to get “real” drugs here)


On the contrary, I believe that taking vitamins can actually increase your chances of getting really sick in the long run. For example, did you realize that a lot of healthy people get breathing problem during the haze period but the smokers are doing fine? But that doesn’t mean you harm yourself with all these toxic. I enjoy juices a lot and love my veggis but at the same time I will greedily eat the fattiest part of any animal.


What I was trying to say is, Balance is the correct way. A lot of people don’t always do that, esp Singaporeans. Their way is either extreme or don’t do it at all.

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