How To Buy A Google Nexus One Phone In Singapore

Being a phone enthusiast, I was very interested in getting a new Google Nexus One phone in Singapore, so I quickly figured out the best way to holding the phone in my hands soon. In fact its pretty simple and Singapore can be happy to be one of the four official launch countries.

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Google Nexus In Singapore – Available Only Online

So far only the US have two Telco companies that offer the Nexus One phone officially in their stores, either without contract or subsidized with the usual 2 year bindings.

This will soon be the case in the four official launch countries as well (US, Singapore, Hong Kong and the UK) but until Starhub, M1 or SingTel will announce their promotions…

The only way to get the Google Nexus One in Singapore is via the official Google Web Store. (

  • Price For Google Nexus One in Singapore (including tax / shipping): 800 S$

How To Order The Nexus One Online For Singapore (Step By Step)

Before you start with the Step By Step guide below:
Create a Google Checkout Account here or if you already have a Google CheckOut account, make sure your location is setup as “Singapore”.

  • 1. Go To and click on the big blue (Get your phone) button
  • 2. Select the first option “Nexus One Phone” without any TelCo involvement and click “continue”
  • 3. Choose if you want your Nexus One to be engrave or blank and click “continue” or “skip this step”
  • 4. Now comes the tricky part
    – You need a Google CheckOut Account BEFORE you arrive at this step, which is why I asked you before to set it up / modify it accordingly first
  • 5. Put in your shipping / billing details / credit card details and ORDER

Price / Costs For Shipping Your Nexus One To Singapore

The Google Nexus One will actually be shipped from the US to Singapore customers until the Telcos in Singapore do start selling the Nexus One directly.

Shipping the phone to Singapore, including all tax and shipping costs will sum up to approx 800 S$ at the moment.




hey thanks for the update… how long does it take to ship to SG?


Nikhil, search a bit more…
Singapore is listed as Republic of Singapore


Better watch it your Nexus One won’t ship to Sierra Leone instead of Singapore, like mine is. Yanks and geography…


Exactly how much would I need to pay in S$ including the 7% GST and shipping etc? This is the final final cost I’m referring to. Also, how long does the shipping take?


Its takes abt 4 days including weekends. Can track ur order via DHL website. Place do not place an order for adapter as it will auto reflect wen order. Now I got 2 adapters. Will nid to pay abt $65 GST.


How come the Google website just shows the following..
“Sorry, the Nexus One phone is not available in your country.”

There’s NO (Get your phone) button to click. Have Google stopped people to buy direct from Singapore?


Hey there, thanks for the step-by-step guide. however, I came across a couple of cheap deals from Sellers are selling from prices ranging US$250-300. So any advice on such deals.?



The price includes everything. Phones are unlocked if ordered from Singapore.


By the way, the step by step guide doesn’t work if you’re outside singapore. It doesn’t matter if you change your location to Singapore, it still won’t let you make a purchase.


I tried to order the phone in SG but the message says on the order page that they cannot deliver to the address provided. I thought maybe the system does not recognise a non US address and Google will actually ship it when they get the order.

Do I order it nonetheless?


Google used to be able to ship it directly to singapore. I guess they have decided to stop shipping to SG.

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