How To Donate Things In Singapore

You dropped that empty pack of cigarettes on the sidewalk and let it be, you spilled your fruit juice in the Hawker Center and the poor uncle had to clean up for you, here’s your chance to get clear with your conscience. Donate something for the poor and needy.

I myself stood in front of a huge pile of old clothes, shoes and games I neglected to take with me when I recently moved places. So I decided to donate them instead of pushing down the refuse chute.

Donate Old Clothes And Shoes

There are several (few) organizations in Singapore that will accept donations that do not come in form of little red or blue bills. Yes, I was quite annoyed that out of 10 “official help organizations” 8 refused to take my clothes and shoes, and simply sent me a donation form for my Credit Card instead.

What the hell!?

Sadly it goes in line with all these people running around the streets waving their little boxes around my face and asking for donations. Money donations. I happened to come over several that snubbed at me when I gave them a dollar instead of a note and couldn’t even explain properly whom they are collecting for, “Excuse me idiot?”

Below is a list of organizations that still offer to take your things and pass them on to the ones in need, thanks guys!

Pass It On – To Others is another great place to donate your old belongings to. They accept almost everything that your are willing to let go and will arrange even pickup from your place if needed. (Note: If needed, they will not come for a pair of old Sneakers).

Once you have donated your items they will list them for free on their website and people in need can apply, or they will pass them on to the poor directly “offline”.


If you just want to get rid of your things instead of having to pay for a pickup, transporter or trash removal service, craigslist might be your solution.

Just create an account for free, then login and navigate to the “offer” selection and post your items in the “For Free” lists. Make sure you post them for Singapore not San Francisco.

Who ever is interested can contact you under an anonymous email address you can choose and pickup etc can be arranged easily.

Do You Know Of Good Places To Donate Things In Singapore?

Then please share them with us in the comment section below and I will update the lists above in my post accordingly!
Lets make this a complete list of all places that accept donations in Singapore!!




Thanks for sharing where to donate old clothes and shoes, it’s very informative and useful :)


Hi there,thanks for sharing. I wanted to donate my clothings and hd stumbled across your site.Very informative indeed, thanks for sharing.Now , I can pass this link on and share it with the rest of my friends,who wishes to recycle by passing their cloths on to others but I had no inkling idea where to do so.

Nivan Moodley

Hi, thanks for this. It is useful. Though I did call the Red Cross and they only take monetary donations and donot accept clothes or the like. They passed me onto the Salvation Army…


SWCO ( Singapore Woman Council Organisation ) at Waterloo Street takes in everything. The staff there are very appreciative.


wish i had seen this blog earlier. I had to throw away tons of clothes, shows and other items because when i called the listed donated agencies they only ask for money, even the salvation army.

so i just threw it all away. good post, will come in handy as i regularly throw away stuff each time i have to move.

Is there a place I can go and donate food, like fruits etc? like just go there and hand out without being stared at or asked for $$$$

thanks for great posts John


Presently a welfare organisation, Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore, has 2 “thrift” shops ie. at SIA-MINDS EDC (somewhere in the west) which is run by a group of volunteers and at WEDC (at Woodlands Ring Rd) which is run by trainees with intellectual disabilities. You may donate used clothes, bags, toys, bags, books, furniture, electrical appliance, etc., which are then displayed in the shop for sale. Check out for contact details and opening hours.


Hi, thanks for the list where i can donate all the old clothes. I was searching around in the internet and found ur post.

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