How To Get Free W-Lan Everywhere In Singapore

Yesterday I Was Lost In China Town. And what sounds like the title of some bad Indiana Jones Rip-Off movie, actually turned into a serious problem when it started to pour down rain into the narrow alleys and my expensive suit went from “soaked in sweat” to “body-fitted Borat-Outfit” within seconds.

Now thanks to Singapore’s free W-Lan, I was able to connect my mobile phone’s GPS to some satellite that kind enough accepted me knocking on his door, and promptly sent back directions to my hand phone, getting me out of that mess.

How It Works In A Nutshell

Singapore offers free Wireless Internet island wide until the 31st March 2013. Unfortunately most of you don’t know that, so keep on reading for the details!

Depending on the availability of the accordingly needed hotspots you can surf for free with up to 1MBs connection speed.(Free And faster Wlan In Singapore Until 2013)
The W-Lan Hotspots can be found at the most frequented places, such as shopping malls or MRT stations, but also for example within the most public buses or Restaurants and Bars.

If you want to use the Wireless Internet you have to have a account to login. However the creation and usage of such an account is free. You just have to sign up once and then remember your ID and password.

Who Can Sign Up For Free?

Practically everyone who lives in Singapore, stays here for exchange, university, speed dating, whatever or simply just stops over for a couple of days.

The only thing you need is a Singaporean Mobile Number and a valid Passport (Don’t think the government would let you register for something free without being able to track you down to your last toilet bowl).

  • You Can Sign Up If You Have One Of The Following:
  • • Singaporean Citizen
  • • Permanent Resident
  • • Passport
  • • Foreigner Work Permit (FIN)
  • • Foreigner Depended Pass (FIN)
  • • Foreigner Employment Pass (FIN)
  • AND A Singaporean Mobile Number (+65 ..)

Where Do I Sign Up?

You simply go to one of the three links below to sign up for your free account. Follow the simple instructions, choose your User ID and your password will get messaged to you directly afterwards.

That’s it, enjoy using the free Internet.

  • Sign Up For Your Free Account Below:
  • General: Click HERE to sign up for the free Wireless Internet Account in Singapore
  • SingNet Customer: If You are already a Singnet customer Sign Up HERE
  • SingTel Customer: Follow the instructions HERE under “Sign Up Now” and then “SingTel Mobile Customers”
  • For More Information Click HERE

Where Can I Find Free Wireless Internet?

I have listed the most important search pages below, that will present you with the closest located Wireless Lan Hotspot or Covered Area after you type in your current address in Singapore.

If you are on the move and you need to quickly check your emails, all big Fast Food chains offer the hotspots, as well as the famous coffee places.

Round Up – Not A Permanent Solution

Don’t think now you can cancel your home Internet connection and switch over to the free Wireless Internet in Singapore.

The availability of covered areas is not big enough yet and almost only to be found in the City area. Furthermore the speed is enough to check news or your emails, but nothing more.

Its a very nice feature to have in Singapore, especially if you are on the go and need some quick information, but it wont let you surf for free at home as well.




Its a shame that you need a Singapore mobile number as it makes it a bit more difficult for visitors to take advantage of it.


yes, but they do it to prevent anyone just using the free offer since its especially targeted towards locals and people that dont have enough money to pay for a regular internet access

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