KFC Egg Tarts – Food I cannot Resist

Ever since I arrived on the shores of South East Asia 3 years ago, my taste buds get constantly challenged, surprised and much too often burned by “interesting” food and other things I try to digest.

Sometimes, very rarely, I get taken by surprise and have to realize and admit that there are actually quite some mouth watering dishes out there.. here.. that simply don’t exist behind the ocean, where the wild things live.. I mean, my fellow AngMohs.

Lucky for me, I am here, and this is my latest indulging “discovery” – you just have to try this!

KFC brings Macau to Singapore

  • Information:
  • What is KFC Egg Tart?
    A classic Portuguese baked Egg Tart from KFC. It has the signature “caramelized sugar” on the surface. Relish the creamy and smooth egg custard in crispy fluffy pastry. Sweeten your day with it as a snack or a dessert.

Singapore’s national sport is finding the best, newest and most exciting Food outlet before it gets overrun by the hungry crowd. I am not Singaporean, but I like food, and I like good food even more. So when I walk through the cities bustling streets, my eyes are always scanning my environment for new mouth watering experiences.

KFC Egg Tarts

KFC Egg Tarts Fresh and Crispy

Today my mission came to an end in front of KFC’s shiny red doors. I just had discovered their latest creation. To be honest, something different than my normal craving for Chicken let me take this detour.

I just came back from one of my countless trips to Hong Kong and Macau, and after a satisfying weekend I was still chewing on my imaginary golden, smooth and crispy warm Egg Tart after the first day of work, back in the office, without any time to fill my stomach. And that smell…mmmhh.

KFC Egg Tarts – Now in Singapore (Strike!!)

So I walk passed the KFC restaurant and something yellowish, golden, round and delicious looking catches my eye, just before I turn to the escalator. Could it be?

KFC Egg Tarts

KFC Egg Tarts Nice Packaging

I stumble backwards and yes, there it is, right in front of my eyes, “KFC Egg Tarts, made with the original Margaret Wong recipe from Macau”. Jeez, my grey day just turned golden. Literally.
Egg Tarts were one of the things that I insisted on showing my visiting friends against all their struggling. And luckily I did, they loved it, and now I can’t wait to show them those crispy KFC Egg Tarts, the next time they jump over the big sea (it will definitely be more successful then the half boiled eggs I presented them for breakfast).

KFC Egg Tarts – Really good Quality (like … really!)

  • Information:
  • KFC Egg Tarts Pricing
    Ala carte: $1.30
    Box of 6: $7.50 (in a special exquisitely designed box)

KFC Egg Tarts in Singapore Now!

After I couldn’t get any more fresh and just nicely warmed Egg Tarts into myself, I bought their “Chinese New Year” box of 6 Egg Tarts ($7.50) and met my friends over at Orchard Road. After the usual Singapore gossiping I handed them the nicely decorated Chinese New Year box over and told them to try, without telling them where it was from… Overall instant gratification was the result, and when I revealed that they can get them now almost everywhere in Singapore for either $1.30 per piece or the mentioned box, hehe, our movie was canceled already and all that was left were some leftover Egg Tart wrappings slowly dancing in the soft Singapore breeze.

KFC Egg Tarts even managed to turn AngryAngMo into HappyAngMo that day. Just try them yourself, you won’t be disappointed, like.. Really!

Where to buy? – Check www.kfc.com.sg for the full listing of all outlets



Peter in Portugal

“Egg tart” sounds so crude! In Portuguese we call them “pasteis de nata” which translates as cream pastry and they are usually served with powdered cinnamon sprinkled liberally on top.
The last time I was in Singapore (2007), I bought some from a stall on the pavement outside Tang’s in Orchard Road so KFC cannot claim to be pioneers of this delicacy.


I have recently shifted to Singapore and stumbled across your blog last month. I absolutely loved it. But then you went an covered KFC egg tarts. Now whenever you will put up an article, I would be really cautious as I would be apprehensive as to whether it is actually something that would be worth doing or whether its a paid advert :(


Avidfollower, that shouldnt be of any issue for you because if there are Advertlets in my blog, they are 100% declared as “Advertlet”, just below the title, you will see the category the post is assigned to is “Advertorial”… so dont worry, everything here is independent, free of any inforced opinion or other… its what i think, me alone..


hi, that portugese egg tart was made by a bakery located along east coast road. this bakery had an outlet near tangs (outside far east plaza) many many years ago. and they supplied to many hotels and coffeeshops as well.


here u go, the address
Madeleine’s Original Portuguese Egg Tart & Puff
198 Tanjong Katong Road
Singapore 436997
(65) 6247 9363

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