Killing Christmas in Singapore – Wikipedia Fail

“..Christmas in celebrated by almost no one.” I stumbled over this Wikipedia entry some days ago and thought it would be a joke, however, the article is still online and now I feel like sharing it with you. Please read below definition of “Christmas in Singapore”, its.. weird.

Christmas Worldwide – Singapore (A Wikipedia Definition)

(Update: Wikipedia has changed the article to its original text, however below you can still see the humorous entry as per before)

From Wikipedia:

  • “In Singapore, Christmas is a private holiday celebrated by almost no one. Typically it is also the slow time for retailers as Christmas season is also the time most people lose their jobs.

    The entire shopping district like Orchard Road and Marina Centre areas is barren and dark. In recent years, a charitable organization called Killing Christmas in Singapore Ltd (with links to the National Council of Churches of Singapore) organized the “Celebrating Christmas in Singapore” during Christmas period with crying, carelessness and depression.

    As Christmas is not a native festival here, there is nothing local. Christmas celebration in Singapore tends to be heavily discouraged.

Here is the link to the original article on Wikipedia.

This is hilarious…what do you think?




Lol~~~~ This person must either hate Singapore or have never been here before. Or perhaps mixed us up with the neighbors around us. Lol~~~so much for accurate info in wiki!

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