List Of Singapore Clubs/Bars That Charge For Tap Water! (Please Help)

Dear Bar/Restaurant, if I decide to spend my precious time (most probably evening) at your place, to enjoy and have a great time with friends, and in your favor, to spend humps of Sing Dollars for the outrageous priced drinks, then please, don’t be ridiculous and charge me 50 Cent for a glass of water when we just paid the bill for 6 bottles of Champagne.. it makes you look.. greedy!

“We Don’t Serve Tap Water!” – Put Them On The List!

Sometimes I do not need to think about my next post, it will come to me. This weekend we were out and above described situation made us all rub our ears in disbelief.

I immediately remembered this great post about Restaurants In Singapore Not Serving Free Water and decided to start a new list with your help about bars/clubs this time that do the same!

– Please Post Any Bar/Club You Know About In The Comments
– Ensure the correctness of your information
– Inform me please about any place in the list having changed their policy

The List – No Free Water Here (Updating):

1. China One (Clarke Quay)
2. Breeze (Scarlett Hotel)
3. House (Dempsey – contributed by Henry)
4. Insomnia (Chijmes)
5. La Forchetta (contributed by Nigel Bivens)
6. Mimolette (Fairways Drive)
7. Pump Room (Clarke Quay)
8. The Shack (Sentosa)
9. Timbre

(to be continued…)

Please add any Bar or Club in Singapore that you know is not serving free tab water in the comments below and I will add the place with a mentioning of your contribution to the list!



Nigel Bivens

La Forchetta won’t serve tap water. Worse, by default they give everyone an appetizer for which they are charged. You have to ask not to get the app in order not to be charged (in small print on menu). Total ponzi scheme!


Been to both Pump Room and Timbre many times before and they always serve tap water when I ask so I’m not sure why they’re on the list?


Just went to House at Dempsey last weekend, and was served a bottle of water when I simply asked for some tap water.


Wild Rockets is another. They’ll go “Sparkling or still?” the moment you ask for a glass of water. The still water cost $5 a bottle! Though the duck there is really nice…


Well , when i asked for a glass of water at O bar , they cooly denied me sayin they can give me a bottle for 5 bux or so…
This is absoultely annoying!

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