For a lovely evening – The 7 Most Romantic Restaurants in Singapore

There is nothing like having a nice dinner with your valentine. Be it candle lit dinner of a rooftop venue, a meal can not only bring you closer but also trigger the romance all over again.
Eating out in Singapore takes a whole new meaning on Valentine’s Day. Couples throng the most happening spots in the city to celebrate this day. So, if you are also on the same boat, then let me present you with a list of Singapore’s Most Romantic Restaurants You Should visit on Valentine’s Day.

1. Villa Bali

The architecture is beautifully made out in bali-like décor and ambiance. They also offer a romantic dinner package. This package includes the private Lesehan and authentic Bali cuisine along with premium wine. All this is served by charming Balinese servers who are very pleasing to talk to. I can also recommend Indian dishes served here.

2. The Altivo Bar & Glass Bar

This place promises some great skyline views of the city. The view is not the only thing this place is famous for. The local/western cuisine is awesome and experienced chefs can really present you with some mouth watering delicacies. However, the place is booked on Valentine’s Day. So, try to make an early reservation.

3. II Lido

It is located inside the Sentosa Golf Club and overlooks the spectacular greenery of the golf club. The picturesque sunset can add fervor to your dinner on Valentine’s Day. The food is sure to leave you wanting for more. The Italian cuisine takes the cake.

4. Halia Botanical Gardens

This place is breathtakingly beautiful. Located in Singapore’s emerald jewel locality, this place is a perfect getaway for a romantic night out. The place is famous for western cuisine and the chefs are mostly western too. On Valentine’s Day, they offer special dinner packages.

5. Indochine Waterfront

The restaurant is located amongst the majestic backdrop of the towering skyscapers and beautiful riverfront at Empress Place. IndoChine Waterfront has a swanky feel to it and offers indo Chinese cuisine in its menu. Also available are the Vietnamese, Cambodian and French cuisine. Address: 1 Empress Place, Asian Civilization Museum, Singapore. Website:

6. Poppi

A predominantly modern restaurant, Poppi offers a refreshing and unique dining experience. If you are in to solitary dining, this place is the best option. Outdoor food lovers also have the option of alfresco dining. The cuisine consists of European and Australian dishes.

7. Graze at Rochester Park

This restaurant is housed within a regal and classic pre-war colonial bungalow. Graze exudes the old-age aura of an unhurried and simple world. Here, both of you can relax and simply enjoy a fine dining experience. The place is so silent that you can whisper when you talk. Cuisine consists of mainly Australian delicacies.

These are some of the best restaurants I can think of. But there are many others also, which cannot make it to our list but are worth a visit on Valentine’s Day. So, I suggest you dress up your best and just head to these places with your valentine.




i do agree w some of the places.

hmm, other thn Villa Bali.
word of advice everyone, service there is horrible.
simply horrible.

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