Escape Now – The Most Romantic Secluded Spots in Singapore

Ah! Love. The most noble of all human emotions. When you are in love the whole world seems to be a blur. It is seen that lover’s usually seek secluded places to meet so that they can indulge in a little peaceful ambiance.
Every city has some romantic hidden spots which are famous among couples. They provide a relief from the mad crowds to intervene in their life. Singapore too offers many such places or locations to pay homage to lovers.

1. Fort Canning – After Dark

This place has a long history of being one of the most romantic spots in Singapore since the reigns of Malay Kingdom. Now, the place has been restored in to a city park with exotic greenery, spice gardens and many (like really many) nice secluded spots. My tip would be to come when its dark, paths are illuminated and its a perfect get a way in the middle of the buzzing city.

2. Cable Car Ride to Sentosa

Singapore Cable Car RideThis one is an adventure of sorts. This is a cable car ride suspended between Mount Faber and Sentosa Island. The best thing about this ride is that you can also wine and dine inside the cable car. Just book a special dinner. The experience is unreal with both of you in the car which is 70 m above the sea.
As a given fact it wont get more secluded because no bone will be able to disturb you for the length of the ride :)

3. HSBC TreeTop Walk – Alone above the trees

This is wild date, for sure. Situated in the MacRitchie reservoir’s forests it is one of the first reservoirs of Singapore. If you are not acrophobic, you can have a great hike of up to 11Km. The place has astounding natural beauty with rubber plantations stretching over acres of land. There is also fantastic freshwater wildlife to be witnessed along the way. The highlight of the place is the suspension bridge. The view from the bridge is breath-taking offering a crystal clear view of the whole MacRitchie reservoir. And if you come as early as possible, chances you are alone are the highest!

4. Mount Faber Park

In fact I could list all of Singapore’s nice Nature Parks here, hell, you could even go to the zoo when no one else is there and have a fantastic romantic time.

Mount Faber again is most beautiful when its dark and gives a picturesque view of the whole city including the harbor and is one of the oldest community parks in Singapore. There are numerous spots to sit back, relax and whisper something in to your beloved’s ears. If feeling a little hungry, there is the famous Jewel Box. This is shaped in the form of a musical Jewel Box and has exquisite restaurants offering international and local cuisine.

5. East Coast Park for the sand and waves, well, kind of

And of course the East Coats Park cannot be missed in this list. Yes, you might argue its not really secluded and hidden anymore, correct, I agree, but its one of the view places in Singapore where you can take a nice long walk along the beach, listening to the small waves or just burying your feet in the sand, avoid weekends and if possible come weekdays in the evening, you will find many nice benches just waiting to be taken for a romantic talk or time.

Bonus: Yueh Hai Ching Temple

This is called as the Love Temple. There is an idol of Yue Lao who is considered to be a deity of love and happiness. In early times, sailors would offer prayers for safety on their journey. People pray here to seek a life partner from the god. They tie red strings in the temple and mutter their prayer. The loose strings symbolize those who have not found their buddy yet. This is the spiritual spot for lovers who seek god’s blessings for their love.

So, this valentine’s day, pack your bags and head straight to Singapore. The above mentioned and numerous other spots are bound to enthrall you. The city offers more than just a visit. Its an experience of a lifetime. And with your beloved one, it is more so.


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