New CBD Rules In Singapore – Just Announced!

When I arrived in Singapore I very quickly gained the impression of a top-up-to-date situation on the taxi market. The prices are more then reasonable, i can wave my hand and most probably will catch a cab wherever i am (ok, i had problems getting back once from Orchid Country Club at around 11PM but thats an exception) and i had the feeling that in most cases the cabbies knew where to take me without any surprising short long cuts…

Much More expensive

Now, after half a year this was more then standard for me and cab driving part of my daily business, reaching appointments, cinemas, being lazy in the late evening and so on…

The first cracks in my solid picture of Singapore’s cab business arose when i one night got “delivered” to a completely wrong place (after double ensuring that the cabbie knew where to take us) and rudely kicked out of the cab after complaining about the mistake…and this shouldn’t be the last time. An old friend gave me the hint to mention the keyword “Hotline” should anything like this happen, and following his advice i got around some hot discussions, still ending up at the correct place after all…But as always there are black sheep’s hiding in between the herd of white ones and i am actually still more then happy about the situation…

Now I Have To Pay Attention

When the brilliant plan about the “New CBD Rules” hit the news i overred it, not paying attention to it what so ever, i remembered having seen something about

…more cabstands…drop off zones..but it didn’t get through to my daily news absorbing mind…

Two weeks ago i walked over Raffles Place to my working place, when i noticed police officers along the street noting down the cabs dropping off people or just waiting for customers. One of my colleagues gave me the picture again and pointed out the ridiculous CBD rules…

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‘)); ?> I wont repeat all the discussion we had and that were in most cases about the same topics, covered by newspapers since the last two weeks already, but after the government finally (after brave 15 days) recognized there mistakeĀ and kind of eased up the new rules i couldn’t do anything moreĀ but laughing.

We Will See More Accidents

More then avoiding accidents through regulated pickup points they will probably produce much more accidents now, when the cabbies drive around too much concentrated on finding out if there is a bus line on the street or not, if there is a pickup point to their left or right, if there are police cars in sight or if they can quickly stop, then avoiding bumping with the car ahead…


Today, and in the third step to lighten the regulations and make the rules more easier and the streets more safety, the below CBD acts are in immediate effect:

  • – Cabs that licence plate ends with uneven numbers are allowed to dropoff passengers at builings and shopping malls, not so kopi places and foodstalls, where an even number of people is waiting for the next cab. If this row consists of more then two third people wearing white tshirts the cab is allowed to dropoff only 50 percent of his passengers, rounding up if the amount of passengers is uneven. Cabs are not allowed to pickup new passengers what so ever.
  • – Cabs whos drivers age devided by 4, is bigger then the sum of his licence plate numbers devided by three, are allowed to pickup passengers not taller then 1.7 meters within 100 meters of the next bmw that is parked reverse on the wrong side and is colored light blue.
  • – Cabs that have tissue paper boxes in the back of the car are not allowed to pickup any passengers from 10AM to 9AM.
  • – Cabs drivers that do not know KM8 on Sentosa immediately lose their licence
  • – All the rules above are only effective if the cabdriver spend an exact sum of 34.68 SD on their last petrol fillup. Otherwise they have to go with the more complicated rules published yesterday, the 18th March 2008.





your own rules?

ahhh..yes..that horrible cab experience, FYI, the hotline NEVER got back to me :(

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