Why I Don’t Like Being In Singapore For Christmas

I’m not religious, I don’t particular like Christmas anyway and after all, I am pretty much happy to live in Singapore.. but, there is this one time every year when I am not very, lets say, comfortable, being in the tropics, sweating my ass off if I don’t switch on the AirCon during night and enjoy hot drinks only in my (cold) office.

Singapore – Sell-Out Xmas

Singapore is more of a gigantic marketing and shopping expert, then a country. Every possible holiday, (lets emphasize the “holy” in holiday), gets blown up to its biggest possible “sell-out” size and behind all the Special “Christmas-Easter-Chinese New Year-Hari Raya-Offers” the true traditional meaning and spirits behind the special occasion are completely forgotten.

Singapore Christmas LonelyHowever, I am fine with that. Let people shop and eat if they want and let them pray if they still have time afterwards. Especially for the “big” days its the same everywhere, you can find the first chocolate Santas in October and candy Easter Bunnies will pop up just after cheering to the new year.

There’s Something Missing In Singapore

Why I really don’t like to be in Singapore for Christmas is a mixture of emotions, atmosphere, the missing smell of roasted nuts in the air, the wet socks after walking home through the snow, sitting around the fireplace and breathing fresh, crystal clear, freezing air.

Long And Lonely Christmas

Singapore Snow ChristmasSingapore can try and will try hard to create some kind of weird Christmas (lets bring people into shopping mood) atmosphere, but lacking the most important things like “cold weather”, original Christmas markets, and anything that defines a cozy Christmas evening, I will always miss home for this time of the year.

Merry Xmas!


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i totally agree with u even though im a singaporean… i have tried spendin christmas in clubs and at friends or relatives house…but still i find that something is still missing…the christmas atmosphere that i longed for…

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