Its Official, I Won The World Blogging Challenge 2009!

Who would have thought that? Definitely not me when I sat down one year ago brainstorming my mind for a good name. A name for that blog which didn’t exist in this form yet in Singapore. Something like a mixture of useful insider tips and nice-to-read personal reports about the daily life in Singapore. And of course provocative. That’s how AngryAngMo was born.

Blogging Challenge 2009 – Thanks!

First things first I want to thank everyone who supported me and my blog during the final phase of the World Blogging Award 2009. The award is directed towards travel writers and city bloggers and I succeeded in the final against the 5 other continental winners by the help of your votes! Thanks again!

Most Of You probably already knew of the results but I wasn’t going official with it until I received written confirmation which happened to arrive yesterday.

Twitter, Relationship Management And Readers

Once momentum starts to build up itself and your unique readers double, triple and finally break the magic 1000 border, its hard to keep focused and maintain your unique and unbiased writing style which I know many of you like.

Blogging isn’t just about writing articles, its a lot about Relationship Management, Social analysis, trend foreseeing, mass psychology and learning of new tools. And even more good copy writing skills and a natural sense for marketing.

Especially Twitter is becoming more and more special and important in todays Web 2.0 and blogging landscape, and whoever is not following me on Twitter yet, you better do now if you want to get the full dose of the AngryAngMo every day!

Follow Me On Twitter Now (Click HERE)

I’m currently developing a new blog just about that and I will let you know once completed. There’s a lot to learn and I will try to teach you how to become Asia’s (second) best travel writer :)

What Made Me Succeed

Are the true and uncensored articles about the daily life in Singapore. Who wants to read the 1000 restaurant review or how fun my last shopping spree was? Not many, yeah, not many. But what people like are articles like,

How To Have A Really Freaking Adventure In Singapore
The 5 Hippest Places In Singapore
The Singapore Subway – A Wild Jungle In The City
10 Most Touristy Things To Do In Singapore
The 5 Worst Fashion Failures In Singapore

… so I give it to’em :)

Many Ideas To Come

I have a lot on my mind and daily more ideas for more posts then I could possibly write, but in the end, you readers should decide what you want the AngryAngMo to write about, let me know in the comments below what ideas or changes in general you would like to see on and of course, what special topics you want me to write about more!



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