Organize a fantastic Chinese New Year Party! The 5 Best Places to get everything you need!

Chinese New Year seems to be a big party. With whole city converging to celebrate on one night, Singapore becomes a ‘Big Party Stage’. Almost a week before, everyone can be seen busy preparing for the celebrations. And shopping being the national past time in Singapore, takes a whole new meaning.

1. Chinatown – Start with the Basics

This place is repeated many times. This is because it has everything. When it comes to Chinese New Year shopping, nothing can beat Chinatown. It seems this whole place is a supermarket, with countless choices. I would suggest that you buy red lanterns, candles, potted plants with flowers and big stuffy toys from this place as they are available at reasonable rates. In fact, you can start and finish all of your new year shopping in Chinatown.

2. People’s Park Centre – for the details

This is a shopping mall with shops selling most of the Chinese New Year stuff. You can buy almost everything here. The shopkeepers are warm and welcoming. Especially during New Year, they can offer hefty discounts. However, do your homework before you enter this place because you will be spoiled for choice.

3. Funan – Don’t Miss a Moment

You definitely need to record your Chinese New Year party moments. And to do that, you require a camcorder or a digicam. Funan is the place to shop if you want some electronics stuff. The place has some good shops in abundance including branded stores. Ask before you open a packaging. You can bargain and get some really good deals. But I would suggest that you shop from a branded shop and get authenticated items.

4. Blue Ginger Design Centre – And now the correct Outfit

If you want exquisite non-traditional drapes for your New Year party, visit this place. Their textile designs and patterns are unique and can add that much needed spicy ingredient to your party. They are a revered shop for the textile and sewing and can offer you a custom made ‘Party Banger’. The shop is located at Raffles Hotel Arcade, Bridge Road, Colonial, Singapore. The idea to use drapes can be unique but expensive.

5. Mirana Cake House – For the Munchies

No New Year party can be complete without having a feast. The pineapple tart’s from the Mirana cake house are the most delicious new year delicacy (At least I feel so). Most of all, they maintain the sugar level and don’t compromise on taste buds. It is located at Raffles Place, near MRT Station. Mind you, the place is pre-occupied with orders on New Year. So, you better hurry if you wish to add this to your Chinese New Year party menu.

Are you having a Chinese new Year Party?

Having a New Year party in Singapore doesn’t involve much of a hard work. You can easily manage everything by just following the above list. All you have to do is shopping. And with so many destinations, shopping is a breeze in Singapore. These shops can get you all the stuff quickly, but if you really want to have a blast; I would suggest that take your time. Shop around for at least two weeks to make everything perfect. Because, Your Chinese new year party has to be a blast. Right?


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