Paintball in Singapore – A First Try

Lets face it, when it comes to confrontations in Singapore (which include mainly arguments with your cab driver about which highway to take) then it will look to the newly arrived visitor like the daily evening fight about whose going to the basement to get more beer and crackers, but definitely not like any public confrontation.

Yes, there are fights, and yes you will most probably find some more heated discussions going on in some places, but it will more likely not be a Singaporean vs Singaporean but involve at least one other nationality, if not two

The Genius Idea

This, my local friends explained to me, is due to the Asian culture and the principle of keeping face and not loosing temper in public (although i have to admit that the principles of “Keeping and loosing face” and not totally clear yet to me either).

Now, since Freud everybody knows that you cant keep on eating up your anger and frustration, just holding back everything…you need a ventilation, at one point…so the person who came up with a “Paintball Arena” in Singapore was either one hell of a strategist and human mind expert, or some uncle who was really fed up with all these Ah Bengs cheating him on Mahjong games.

Mission Failed

Finally someone in our company arranged a Paintball Game. I arrive at the arena and had put on all these protectors and double layers of T-shirts and jeans expecting my colleagues taking their revenge and finally transforming into a bunch of Rambos that would make Silvester Stallone proud…

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‘)); ?> Turns out i was not just the only one not turning up in Crocs, shorts and singlets, but also the only one who was on time and not at least one hour late. Unfortunately for us the invitation clearly stated (as per the Paintball Arenas House rules) that everyone should wear “protective clothes”, preferable long sleeved, and should be straight on time since they have time slots and a very tight schedule especially on weekends (it was Sunday).

Considering this i would have been the only one allowed to play (on my own – how exciting). So, event canceled on the spot. When my colleagues didn’t really bother and were already discussing where to go for lunch then, i wishfully watched those sweet guns lying there ready to get fired. Well, not this time though. In the end i got meatballs instead of paintballs and more anger to keep inside myself.




Dear Sir or Madam:

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Kaleem Zafar Bhatti

I am manufacturer of paintball equipment and gear. Please contact me if you are interested.

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