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The 5 Best Places In Singapore To Have Sex In A Car

Its common in Singapore that you wont be able to live together under one roof until the wedding bells have ringed and you are bond for life, well, its also understandable that there are people who want to enjoy some fun before that, and by fun I mean, well… you know what. So its quite usual that you get a car in Singapore not to finally get stuck in the every day traffick jams but… yeah, exactly!

Singapore Car Sex © Photo by Adriano Agullo - Flickr

Why People Should Have More Sex In Their Cars

This post and this one which I recently wrote (Read: A Short History Of Singapore Becoming Extinct) are discussing the actual reason for this post and one of Singapore’s biggest issues these years.


The rapidly decreasing birth rate, the connected loss in Singapore’s only assets, their intelligent man power, and the Singapore’s government useless efforts to rebounce this rate through cheesy marketing campaigns, free dating services and other obvious useless projects.
Having sex in your car in Singapore might not be as evil as you think. In fact, it might help to safe the nation.


The birth rate is the lowest these days since years. What to do?


Singapore’s Newspapers Advise On Sex In Your Car

Only after I discovered that I am not the only one giving advise for the sex practices I decided to finish this post.
In fact, the Singapore government were the first ones to tell people how best “to do it”…


In 1991, for example, the government began offering cash bonuses to couples with more than two children and the Singapore newspapers printed tips for having sex in the back seat of a car, including directions to some of the “darkest, most secluded and most romantic spots” for parking


They suggested covering the windows with newspapers for privacy.


Sex in a car in Singapore

Photo by Pedrus17 on Flickr


Why In The Car? Get A Room!

I guess for many couples there exists a general problem with sleeping over at each other places when living with the parents, not to speak of cultural differences and the general conception and conservative point of view on Sex in Singapore.
Thats why a search in Google for “places to have sex in a car in Singapore” is probably more successful then a search for “Sex in Singapore“.


However, anyone living in a condo or his own apartment might consider the unusual place in your car just as a additional “excitement-factor” :)


The Best Places – A List

Writing this whole post I am actually helping Singapore to stay the little red dot it is on our maps. So please don’t complain.


So I take the topic rather serious trying to make up a list with the best places to have sex in your car in Singapore… however I might fail due to the lack of personal experience…You are more then welcomed to help me out and post your tips in the comments below!


1. The Obvious: Parking Areas
Probably the easiest and most convenient option is to simply drive to one of the many Parking areas in Singapore.
I would suggest not to take the one below Raffles city or next to Clarke Quay, since there might be people peaking threw your window 24/7.
Parking areas in more urban and secluded areas like the ECP or Jurong, or for example Pungol Marina may be better suited. Oh yeah, and watch out for the guards :)


2. The Adventurous: National Reservoir
Drive your car to one of the many Nature reservoirs in Singapore and park along the road. Especially during the night you wont have much traffic for sure, the jungle sounds will beam you to an Amazonas like atmosphere and the only one who might try to disturb you are monkeys looking for food.


3. The Original: HDB Car Park
The most rustically and most common method are the multi story HDB car parks you will find everywhere in Singapore. Unfortunately mostly lid by unromantic bright neon light you will really need to cover your cars windows. But “afterwards” you can simply walk home or have your supper downstairs at the food court.


4. The Romantic: Beach Sides
Try to find an empty spot along the coastline and if possible not next to the industrial harbor and you can have a nice night of breaking waves in your background, bright stars above you (try a cabriolet) and only approx 100 other couples in cars, doing the same thing to your left and right.

The most popular option will grant you company of same minded people and even if you go alone, you wont feel alone for the time being.


5. The Scary One: Abandoned Places
Find yourself an old cemetery, clinic or school building and park right in front of it. Most of these places will be situated outside and in more or less never frequented areas, so you can be sure to be left alone. The price you will have to pay comes in form of the atmosphere.

Although some of you might even prefer this kind of adventure. Say hello to the ghosts and never say “I will be back soon” when leaving the car for a smoke.


Where Is Your Favorite Spot In Singapore?

Share your experience or let our imagination play and tell us where you think are the best places to have sex in your car in Singapore. Comments below are more then welcomed!




I wouldn’t recommend the reservoirs, especially MacRitchie – i’ve seen pervs hiding behing the trees with video cameras.


The Best place to have sex is in the Hotel,place like Mac Ritchie,car or public are place where public can videocam when you doing sex.


I did it in east coast park. It was a great place because:

1) There are carparks which sections of it aren’t lit at all
2) Go there during weekdays night and you can only spot 1 soul every 15 min(at those ulu carpark)
3) Like-minded people are there! I am surprised to see 2-3 cars with newspapers covering all the car windows plus engine on! come on how obvious can that be!


hotel 81 is cheap min 2 hours only $20 and member registe $10 for life


Book-in Hotel 81 SGD50 half day for it! Why suffocate yourself inside a confined space!!


Just get into any secure place in the shopping complex,which didnt have cctv cover area,it’s the best place to have sex.because it’s very excited …


i think in the lift the best place . i did twice . just jam the lock dDO IT

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