How To Prepare Best For Your Move To Singapore

The moment you finally set foot on Singapore’s ground, you will realize what could have been planned better and what you forgot to bring. A pleasant stay in Singapore is very much dependent on a good preparation. Especially if you move here. Be prepared. Make a list, say “Good Bye” to everyone and… don’t bring a sweater, you wont need it.

Everything Will Change

No matter if you leave your country for the first time or you are the one that cant remember the last time you slept at the same place for a straight week, coming to a new place needs planning and mental adjustment. (Chinese New year – Through The Eyes Of An Expat)

In the beginning your plans might seem very similar to the usual packing for your 2-week Florida vacation, but that’s just your mind tricking you. In fact you are leaving your life behind to start a new one. So even if it only feels like going on a year long adventure, you have to realize that your parents and your friends will stay behind, continuing to live their normal life, while you will jump from one unreal scene to the next one. (Singapore Is Really Strange – Can You Explain Please?)

Be Sure, Be very Sure

Moving overseas, leaving your “old” life behind is a big cut in your life, it involves a lot of feelings, preparation and not to forget, money.

Therefore your decision should be a 100% sure one, if you have doubts, go over your pros and cons again, can you live with seeing your girlfriend every 6 month, can you leave your dog behind, can you sacrifice those things you need to sacrifice for being able to wake up to the oceans wave crushing sound in the morning. (Well not really, but you could theoretically)

Don’t Shout It Out Loud, Not yet

My personal “escape” from Germany only worked out in the third attempt. And although one should learn out of his mistakes, we don’t. Every time you can sense that little opportunity of exploring another continent and walk in Columbus footsteps pops up, you start feeling that rush of excitement and you want to tell your family, your friends, everyone of your upcoming plans. (Between Beer And Hausfrauen – One Year As A Singaporean In Germany)

But hold on.

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‘)); ?> It might just be an idea in your head yet, slowly growing bigger. Or it might be an unconfirmed offer by your company.

As excited as you are, the people you “confront” with your (possible) future plans (and especially family members) might react different then you maybe expect them to do.
Its big news, no question. But what might be excitement and unknown adventure for you, can be very sad for others.

So don’t rush things if theres the possibility that everything might still get canceled in the end. Wait till the final confirmation to tell everyone instead putting them through an emotional roller coaster.

What Were Your Preparations Before Coming To Singapore?

You already moved here? Or your flight is due next week? Well then tell everybody how your preparations for the big move to Singapore were looking like.

Please share your story in the comments below!


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