Video: Raffles Place Ghost – Mystery Resolved!!

After speaking to one of Singapore’s most anticipated and respected “Mystic & Paranormal Group” (specialized on resolving mystery events) and in cooperation with the help of Channel 5s digital Video-Picture crew, we can proudly announce we solved the great Raffles Place Ghost Mistery.

How We Solved The Mystery

  • We back-engineered the video to its colorful origins and could very clearly define the clothes of the unidentified person as light orange, with parts of grey and green dirt spots on it.
  • Following this step we analyzed the mysterious video tape frame by frame until we finally were able to recognize the Identify of the person of the so much talked about video
  • If you stop the video between frame 1:24:76 and 1:24:78 you can clearly see a face and several more features that let us to our final conclusion.
  • Furthermore and obvious for everyone to see the unidentified person is limping!
  • After evaluating the significance of our discovery and the consequences of a publication we decided it might be in the interest of every citizen to go public today.

The Raffles Place Ghost Is Mas Selamat

The fugitive is obviously still dressed in his original DC clothing and desperately on his search for food and water. Since it has been almost 1 year by now that he got proper lunch and dinner, and following the high prices of rice and noodles of last weeks he became so thin that he can squeeze through the gap of closed elevator doors, which also explains his sudden appearance on the video and much more important, why no one can catch / spot him in bright daylight. He actually might stand just next to you right now but you wont recognize him since he can fit just into your umbrellas case or newspaper holder.

Mas Selamat looks very weakened on the video and we advice to be careful when catching him not to “brake” him. he might still carry interesting information about the truth behind his escape with him.



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