The 6 Most Wonderful and Secluded Islands close to Singapore – Go Now!

Singapore is a lively city with lots of people and vibrancy. The crowded streets seem energetic and concrete jungle presents lots of opportunity. But sometimes you want to escape from it all. On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, you wish that you are alone with your loved one.
Secluded islands have been the dreams of couples since eternity.

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  • I’ve been to all 6 of these islands and beaches myself, they are all equally breath taking and wonderful to spend some time, out of the hundreds of islands these are the ones that left a remarkable impression in my memory… and yes, Ive been to Tioman, Bintan etc, and they are not on this list for a reason :)

1.Turtle Island, Fiji

Singapore Turtle IslandHave you watched the movie Blue Lagoon. If yes, then I bet you might have fantasized about going to this fantastic natural retreat. This is a dream come true. The blue waters of the lagoon are so inviting that you can’t stop yourself from taking a dip. The service in the island is mesmerizing. People are taken care of by a personal butler and food is awesome. You can just relax on the beach or take a horse ride on the sandy beaches along with your partner. But… the price, ouuuuch.

More Information: (official webpage)

2. Phi Phi Island, Thailand

Singapore PhiPhi IslandThis place has truly made its mark as one of the top most Southeast Asian destination. Located in Thailand, this island has some amazing beaches and there are also some great diving spots. Its a backpackers paradise, and yes, its starting to get crowded, however, due to its relatively secluded location and some still perfectly empty beaches, Phi Phi is one of the finest destinations to go to. “The Beach” was shot here, and the whole place lives of its “special” character.

More Information: Phi Phi Island (Wikipedia)

3. Ko Chang, Thailand

Ko Chang IslandThis island is situated in Eastern Thailand. A lot of development has been done recently and it has become a prominent tourist destination. But still it can be called deserted and secluded. Spectacular views of blue water and white sand beaches are this beach’s trademark. I would recommend this place especially for a nice diving trip, its wonderful!

More Information: Ko Chang Island (Travel Guide)

4. Perenthian Islands, Malaysia

Perenthian IslandsThis is a postcard island as the scenery is just perfect. Perenthian islands are located off the eastern coast of Malaysia and in easy reach from Singapore. If you are willing to travel a bit longer then it would take to Tioman, you will be rewarded with white sand beaches, sunny skies and crystal clear blue water that create a dream destination. The services are also up to the mark and you can truly feel that you have escaped from the world.

More Information: Perhentian Island (Official Page)

5. Bantayan Island, Philippines

Bantayan IslandOne of the nicest places I’ve been to, fly to Cebu Philippines, then take the bus up to the North Coast, then continue by ferry to Bantayan island and… you are sure to be on a fantastic island, with not many people competing about any of the beaches and wonderful places.
I came Off-Season, which made it even more secluded. For 2 days I was the ONLY one at the wonderful white huge beaches.Nice!

More Information: Bantayan Island (YouTube Video)

6. Pulau Aur, Malaysia

Pulau Aur IslandWow, this is crazy, the island is basically so small that the huts are all build on one side along the cliff, while the rest is too steep and not accessible, all you have here are a handful of nice but very simple chalets, a diving station and a wonderful beach.
To reach you have to leave Singapore during the evening and continue with a small boat for approx 5 hours during the night until you reach Pulau Aur in the morning, but its worth it!

More Information: Pulau Aur Island (Pictures)


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