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Sex Trafficking In Singapore

There have been a number of recent reports about women trafficked into coercive brothels in Singapore. And it appears that the Singapore police, airport officers and government are somehow in an informal understanding with this low-end business.

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Sex Trafficking In Singapore

Todays,8th June 2009 Singapore News come from “Sex Trafficking In Singapore“.


“The only persons ever arrested are the actual women who somehow manage to escape from the pimps/brothels and ask for help, or need help to get back to their home country. And Singapore’s policy is to process them and deport them immediately so that there are no cumulative statistics, no witnesses available for any trials of the traffickers/agents/recruiters or the actual coercive brothel owners.”



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Do you only post what some online newspaper posted before? You are not very original and I don’t understand why that bragging in the header photo is all about. If you wanna be best, then improve your english and write something meaningful, rather than linking to other news sources or writing some tabloid stuff. Good luck, though.


hey nino, great you like my blog, have fun reading it
… well… actually if you would really follow my blog you could see that out of the 20 latest posts, none was about anything that has been posted before… fyi

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