Where To Find Everything For A Traditional Christmas Dinner in Singapore

Jesus do I miss sitting at the old kitchen table, dimmed light while the snow flakes hover outside around the huge trees in the garden, fingers are sticky from the cookie dough and the chocolate is smelling incredible good while melting to be put on the sweets.

If you know how that feels, here are my tips for where to get everything for a traditional Christmas meal in Singapore!

1. Turkeys And Other Traditional Food

What would a nice Christmas Eve be without a juicy crispy turkey, lots of sweets and Stollen? Correct, if you don’t want to go without it and your mouth is watering right now, read:

Luckily turkey is quite famous in Singapore, its another part of the western culture that got adopted quickly. Therefore its not really difficult to find turkeys of all sizes in Singapore, just check if your freezer is big enough. One of the following Grocery Stores will have your turkey for sure!

Once you have the turkey, you also need a big oven and of course all the equipment to prepare your feast, a very good tip is to check out the kitchen stores at Temple Street in Chinatown (How To Get There), you will find almost everything there you need to prepare the perfect turkey.

2. Lebkuchen – Christmas Stollen

This year is the first one where I literally have the feeling of getting completely flooded with Stollen everywhere! It seems the German Export-Classic has finally found its way into every corner of Singapore.
Simply check out the grocery stores as mentioned above or one of the below bakeries:

3. Cookie Baking

Yes, if you have the recipes then even cookie baking is possible in Singapore. And if you didn’t bring your own equipment, in below shops you will find everything to create the “perfect” Christmas Cookie this year!


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