How To Have A Great Sightseeing Trip Through Singapore For 1 Dollar

It’s official Recession Time and we are all looking for bargains. So if you find yourself in Singapore or you just happen to stopover these days (much more likely) check this out.

Read here to learn about how to have a nice sightseeing trip through Singapore for a single mere Dollar (thats 0.66 USD or 0.48 Euro)

What You Need

Is a ticket for the public transportation system in Singapore. This means either for the Train (MRT) or the Buses.

In the very likely case of you already having an EzyLink card, ignore this and continue to the next topic.

Otherwise i would recommend you to read my post about the Singapore Public Transportation system with a detailed description of how to get your ticket, its plain easy, believe me. (Read It Here)

Start: Board The Train At Your Station

Where ever you are in Singapore right now, be it at the city center, Raffles Place or Orchard Road, be it in the eastern or western outskirts of Jurong East or Pungol, enter your closest MRT station, wait for the next train, board it and start your journey.

The Singaporean Subway system allows you to travel the country (yes, the whole country, although that sounds better and bigger then it actually is) via train with a ticket that will cost you not more then 1 Dollar.

Your Travel Route Today Is…

Take a look at the official train map and you will realize that you can really travel around the island in an ease.

My Recommended Tour (Start The Trip On Whichever line you are and follow the below plan):

  • Example: Start On Red Line:
    • Take the MRT direction “Jurong East” and enjoy the West Coast Scenery
  • • Change to the Green Line direction “Pasir Ris” at “Jurong East Interchange” to travel along the Western Outskirts to the City Center. Pass busy Raffles Place and continue along the East Coast towards the last Stop “Pasir Ris”.
  • • Get Our Of the train and take the green line back until you reach “City Hall”.
  • • Change to the red line direction “Jurong East” and get off one stop later to take a stroll through Dhoby Ghaut Interchange to transfer into the purple line towards Pungol.
  • • Now watch out for the East side scenerya and once you reach Pungol change again to the same train back until you finally are at Dhoby Ghaut once more.

Cheating The Singapore Subway System

In Europe the system in most big cities is that you have to buy a ticket upfront, based on the distance you will travel, the longer this is, the more you will have to pay. Return is of course not included and you will be more then likely checked during your journey by a an unfriendly looking security guy.

In Singapore everything is done electronically, which means, you get checked when yo enter a station and when you leave one, depending on the calculated distance you will have to pay a certain amount.

BUT.. no one cares if you enter your station, use the trains to travel the country for 6 hours and then get off the same station again, paying the minimum fee for travelling.

(Stations are all connected via interchanges where you never have to exit or reenter a station.

A Little Disadvantage

You are not allowed to eat or drink on the trains. And there are no toilets inside the trains either. So if you feel a sudden urge to gulp down a beer or ease yourself on the bathroom you will have to exit the train station. Most probably resulting in a doubling of your original planned fee, you might have to pay 2 dollars now.

UPDATE – Time Limit Check In Place – Trip Will Be … 3 Dollar

As pointed out by some of my readers there is obviously a time check in place that measures your durance of staying within the MRT lines, below the details:

  • • Enter and exit from the same station: 20 mins
  • • Exit 1 to 4 stations away: 40 mins
  • • 5 to 9 Stations away: 60 mins
  • • Exit 10 to 15 stations away: 75 mins
  • • Exit 16 to 24 stations away: 100 mins
  • • Exit over 24 stations away: 120 mins

The penalty for not doing so is $2.00




HAHA AngryAngMoh….you re becoming more and more singaporean! Stingy bastard! :P
All the good plans leh…


What you described in infinitely frugal, but doesn’t really work. There is a time limit within which you have to finish a specific train journey.

Enter and exit from the same station: 20 mins
Exit 1 to 4 stations away: 40 mins
Exit 5 to 9 Stations away: 60 mins
Exit 10 to 15 stations away: 75 mins
Exit 16 to 24 stations away: 100 mins
Exit over 24 stations away: 120 mins

The penalty for not doing so is $2.00

I am surprised you didn’t know this considering I did, and I have not been here even a year.


the train ticketing system will also calculate the time you check in and the time you check out. And calculate the fare according to the time you are in the train or station. If you stay longer than usual, you can be fined, actually.


Unlikely you can travel around various MRT stations for a few hours and just pay $1. Beware that there is a ‘time limit’ mechanism per entry, it is around 90 mins. You can’t exit the station unless you top up the difference if your journey is longer than the time limit.


Cheat the system??? Please stay where you are. The CID are on their way.

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