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Hey Singapore! 5 Things that really Pissed me Off in 2014

It’s been a year of ups downs, left, rights and mainly punches straight in the face of Singaporeans near and far. It’s been a year to forget. Luckily it went by in a fly while sipping my 25 dollar beer and eating my 10 dollar chicken rice. Here are my Top 5 things I want to see turned upside down in 2015 or I swear I am gonna write a positive expose about Xiaxue and why you should follow her and not me. Bleh..

Singapore Angry © Photo by AsiaOne News

1. Sim Lim Square – Destroy already or send in the Pest Control

I wrote about this pool of shit almost on the dot, 5 years ago in my post of “5 Places to avoid in Singapore“. Why did no one listen? Besides the tragic fact that they have one of the best Butter Chicken served in Singapore down in the basement food court, there’s nothing, absolutely nothing to find there. No one can tell me they were surprised when the whole Jover saga just finally exploded in the face of locals and newspaper outlets world wide, casting a dark shadow of a customer cheating service industry over Singapore’s honest and undeserving shops.


Jover Chew Asshole

Photo by Straits Times AARON ENG


It bothered me 5 years ago, and it still bothers me, how one of the most controlled and safe countries on earth, can ban chewing gum and have their Police handcuff children, but let the most obvious of all gangster places operate for decades!? WHY? Close that hell hole down already and build a new luxury condo there. At least you get something while getting ripped off.


2. Better Flight Regulations and Safety (Malaysia I am looking at you)

This has been arguable one of the most horrible years in aviation history (Read: Wikipedia Aviation Accidents 2014), plain horrible for frequent flyers, travelers and airline crew members alike. Now triple that up if you live in South East Asia. A majority of plane crashes this year was involving flights and incidents nearby Singapore, with flights operated by Malaysian owned airlines. D’oh much. It might be bad luck, bad weather, bad karma, but it also might be bad safety standards, bad plane checks and bad regulations (Read: Why Aviation accidents keep on happening in South East Asia).


Photo by Wohin Auswandern on Flickr

Photo by Wohin Auswandern on Flickr


So the countries involved should definitely overhaul their standards, push their staff training up a notch and then hope for better circumstances next year. This has been horrible and sad for too many families this year, and no one wants to see this repeated.


3. Housing Market – He’s tumbling, now KO him!

What took 10 years to build up, should come down in one (Yahoo News on Singapore Property Market). Prices have been on a steady, seemingly unstoppable rise since 2005 (Business Insider on Singapore Property Market). HOWEVER this year has been the first where you would be able to rent that lavish Orchard Road Studio of 300sqm for under 4000K again! Awesome much? YES, I just sold my 0.01% stake in Nuffnang and bought 10 of them.


Photo by William Cho on Flickr

Photo by William Cho on Flickr


And I saw Xiaxue moving into the Penthouse just now. So my official plea to the dumb developers, “Keep developing”, my plea to the state of Singapore “Build more HDBs”.. we might finally reach a over supply level in 2015 that will make them give out their flats for free just to make it seem someone is actually interested.


4. Senseless Bans – Shisha anyone?

It gave me big pleasure to chew my jawbreakers on the MRT in my early days of living here, just because I thought it was one of the most stupid bans I’ve ever heard of. Almost as dumb as this years ruling against same sex relationships. I got busted on my third ride and fined 50 bucks. That was my first fine in Singapore, and from then on, all my friends got for Christmas and birthdays were those stupid “Singapore is a Fine City” T-Shirts


Photo by Lars Plougmann on Flickr

Photo by Lars Plougmann on Flickr


Last month we were able to add one more dumb law (Shisha Ban in Singapore) to the huge array of imposing rules. SHISHAS! EVIL SHISHAS! What is a big part of half the populations culture and is enjoyed in pretty much every country of the world, is now banned in Singapore. But hey, don’t complain if Arab Quarter is closing down tomorrow. And be warned, I heard they will ban Teh Tarek next month because it’s too high in caffeine.


5. Woot Woot, That’s the sound of tha (useless) Police

So while we hear of heroic police and fire fighters around the world (Gawker: People we Liked this Year), risking their lives for people in need, and desperately fighting crime overlords, drug cartels and monsters, there’s a dust ball rolling through the Singapore Police headquarters and you can hear the leaking coffee machine, dripping water on the floor. There is just NOTHING to do here. So it comes to no surprise that every available unit of the Singapore Police Force, is dying to get their hands on some honorable right doings, like.. holding a press conference for finding the spray cans of Graffiti artists or handcuffing “suspected” pocket snatching kids.


Photo by Chinnian on Flickr

Photo by Chinnian on Flickr


Luckily, this gives us a lot to laugh about. Unfortunately, this doesn’t read too well with countries and their press, where police is actually doing real work, and quickly spreads like wildfires in Indonesia. So, someone please tell those youngsters at the force what’s right and what’s wrong, what’s cool and what’s not. And if you got a bond super villain to spear, lend them to Singapore for a while so they get some real work going.


So here you have it, the Top 5 Things that pissed me off in Singapore this year – what did you spill you coffee about? Let me know!


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