Singapore’s 6 Most Mouth-Watering Desserts

Singapore is well known for its fantastic range of food so whoever is looking for the sweeter side of life wont be disappointed either. Although more and more European places for Ice Cream, Waffles, Crepes or imported chocolate are popping up, the local deserts have a class on their own and are definitely worth trying!

1. Almond Jelly With Logans

Jelly everywhere, Singaporeans love Jelly in all form at types. I recently went to a BBQ and one of the guests brought a box full of jelly instead of meat.. i tried to grill it just to make a point but it got all messy.
I am not a Jelly person myself but there are some types of deserts involving jelly that are actually quite nice. Try the almond jelly with logans for example. It can be served with sugar syrup, fruits or in any possible variation, very nice!

2. Bubur Cha-Cha

Singapore Bubur Cha Cha With influences from Malaysia the next “must-be” ingredient for most local deserts is coconut milk, cold, warm, thick, thin…doesn’t matter.
And its lovely, I realized that theres a world besides pina Colada that can involve coconut milk. BuBur ChaCha is not some weird dance style, but coconut milk (soup) with sweet potatoes and other ingredients, i love it!

3. Ice Kachang

The probably most famous Singaporean desert dish is Ice Kachang. I blogged about its weird composition many times but guess I have to include it on this list.
Made of a mountain of shaved ice (like ice-cube ice, not ice cream) topped with colorful syrup and the strangest little add-ons like… red beans, corn, (of course) jelly, raisins, and whatever your twisted mind may think of, its the number one seller in every hawker center, you haven’t been to Singapore if you didnt try Ice Kachang.

4. Tangyuan

Singapore Tangyuan Egg From China straight to the Hawker Center came Tangyuan or “Glutinous Riceballs With Filling”. First introduced to me in Germany by my Chinese room mate I immediately fell in love with the little balls and cant pass by any Tangyuan place without indulging.
The little balls usually come hot, with Sesame, Peanut or Red bean filling and are served in some sweet soup. Veeery good!

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5. Coco Exotic

Coco Exotic falls a bit out of the category as does the last desert, but since Singapore has a range of great bakeries producing yummy cakes non-stop, I had to put my favorite on this list.

Coco Exotic is a fantastic chocolate cake from the “Four-Leaf” bakery outlets. Definitely a must try they sell them in single pieces as well. You gonna get addicted, i tell you.

6. Strudel

My latest favorite Singapore desert probably tells my German roots. The Strudels from Renaldos are heaven. I only recently discovered them and now seem to see their shops all around me.
The Strudels come with different fillings (Strawberry, Mango, Apple (of course) and are always fresh and crispy, even if I get them late after work. They usually prepare them directly if none are left. have to try!


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