Singapore’s 7 most exclusive Restaurants to have Chinese New Year Dinner

A dinner on New Years Eve can be made an elaborate affair. Right? If that’s what you think then Singapore has just the right restaurants for you. Expensive restaurants are increasing in numbers throughout Singapore because it is fast emerging as a major tourist hub.
These restaurants are those where you need to take along a fat wallet if you want to have a good meal.

1. Les Amis

This is a French restaurant. French are famous for creating art from a meal. These people are professionals and do take fine dining to the next level. The architecture is regal in a French way and the ambiance too is great. The menu is filled with the most expensive mouth-watering cuisines.

2. Aoki

There are numerous Asian restaurants in Singapore, but Aoki is one of the best among them. To eat the best Sushi, seafood and various other Japanese delicacies, visit this vivid place. The environment is lively and the chefs are fantastic. You can even call them to discuss a dish. But all this comes at a price. Aoki’s menus have the most exorbitant priced Japanese dishes.

3. Au Jardin

Next up on this list is again a French restaurant. This is situated inside the botanical garden and serves some really ‘well-designed dishes’. They are not only good to look at but are also delicious to eat. The prices are hefty but nothing compares to fine dining and wining, French style.

4. Morton’s

This is an American retreat in Singapore. If you are missing a large piece of barbecue or Hamburger, then head straight to Morton’s. The place is filled up to the brim with meat especially steaks. This place serves the best American food in Singapore. The dishes seem like they are imported from America, straightaway. The cost may be high but it is totally worth it.

5. Li Bai

Since it is Singapore, I have to mention a great Chinese junction. Li Bai serves some really great Chinese cuisines. Naturally, the place is booked most of the time but you can get a table if you book in advance. The place is famous for serving mouth-watering Dim Sum on Sundays. However, do bring your good score credit card along.

6. II Lido

This restaurant is Italian. It is located atop the Sentosa Golf Club. The food is really awesome (and expensive). The place offers great views of the golf club if you plan to eat in open air. Though, Singaporean climate can be hot sometimes, so think before eating outside.

7. Iggy’s

It is located in the famous Regeants Hotel. The hotel is already a premier destination for travelers and makes for a great business. Mainly European food is available but it is good. The service is worth mentioning and will go to great lengths to make sure you enjoy your New Year dinner. The menu has a lot to offer to those with a fat wallet.

Are you taking it to the next level?

These places sure take the New Year celebration to a whole new level. Almost all of them are booked on the day of Chinese New Year. So, make sure that you book in advance. This will hike the prices further. But when you are already paying up to $230 for a single meal, do 20-30 dollars matter much.

Where was the most expensive meal you had in Singapore, let me know in the comments!


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