Singapore: 10 Really Unique Things To Do In 24 Hours

“Ignore The Common Local Understanding Of What Singapore’s Offers To The Short Time Traveler. Yes, There Is A Lot To Discover Besides Shopping And Eating!”
Continue Reading for 10 unique tings you can do in Singapore, to beat the touristic crowd and experience this country from a whole new side!

If you are one of the many people who are on a stop over trip in Singapore for a day or even less, then the following list is just the right plan for you to follow to get the max out of your stay!

1. The Botanical Garden

When everybody is heading over to their offices and coffee shops, take a trip to the Botanical Garden and walk the “Jungle Path” through Singapore’s only original Rain forest left in the City Centre, relax in the Orchid Garden with the worlds biggest collection of Orchid flowers and have a Watery Egg as breakfast

  • Webpage:
  • Address: 1 Cluny Road, Singapore, 259569

2. Singapore Arts Museum

Rest your feet a little bit in one of Singapore’s many art museums and experience local arts and international Exhibitions for (most times) free. The ultimate insider tip is to check out art exhibitions in several upper class hotels like the “Ritz Carlton” who regularly display great pieces of art in their foyers.

  • Webpage:
  • Address: 71 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189555

3. Eat At One Of Geylangs Hawker Centers

Unfortunately more famous for being Singapore’s “legalized” Red Light District, Geylang, is a part of Singapore, which is more then busy, atmospheric and loud, its interesting and shows you a much more colorful picture then the usual Tourist places. Besides the great architecture you will find some of the best local food on the island here.
Come her for your lunch and try Fish Head Curry, Pratha or Chicken Rice in one of the many Street Food Stalls.

  • Address: Lorong 15 Geylang, Singapore, 388603

4. Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

Take a walk after your meal and visit one of the few nature reserves in Singapore (one of the only 2 cities in the world to have a significant area of primary rain forest within its boundaries) and climb Singapore’s highest mark. Well marked paths lead through the jungle. Along the walk, people can enjoy exotic birds, butterflies, inquisitive monkeys, squirrels, flying femurs and other wildlife.

5. China Town Heritage Center

To get the obligatory dose of culture you can either head over to the crowded Asian Civilization Museum or you pay the China Town Heritage Center a visit. Just next to the business districts skyscrapers you will here find entire faithfully recreated sets of bedrooms, kitchens and street scenes from the late-19th century and early-20th century.

6. Ice Cream Uncle And Tissue Auntie

Refresh yourself during this most probably hot day and buy one of the famous 1$ Ice creams from the charming uncles along the busy street corners in Singapore. They serve the colorful flavors in between two toast bread slices and are a must for every Singapore visitor.
And to clean yourself up afterwards, buy one or two tissue packs from the Aunties offering them most probably just next to the Ice Cream uncle.

  • Address: At Every Busy Place / Street In Singapore

7. Go For A Swim In The Ocean

In the afternoon heat you can take a swim in the ocean. Yes, this one is really unique because you will hardly find any other tourist jumping into the more brown then blue sea water while having a closed line of freighters on the horizon. Take a good shower afterwards and be happy about the refreshment.
Best place to do this is at the East Coast Park, Singapore’s more or less only real beach line.

8. Try To Fish Some Prawns

Where you go for a bicycle ride in the Netherlands or for a walk in Germany, Singaporeans love to go fishing and especially prawn fishing as an outdoor activity.
Try your luck (My record is an average 1 prawn per hour) and “hunt” for your own dinner, pay a flat fee and then fish as much as you can! Tip, bring a book or two or simply some friends in case you get bored (very likely)

9. Have Steamboat As Dinner

Its finally dinner time for you and since eating and are still one of the main attractions in Singapore, have one of the most local dishes you will rarely find overseas. Its called steamboat and let to quite some confused faces of my friends. In the end its almost the same as a “Fondue”.
Put your meat and veggies in the bowl at the middle of your table and enjoy the meal!

  • At every good Hawker Center or Food Place In Singapore

10. Go Shopping At Mustafas

Its night time now and you finish the day off with the other big activity in Singapore. Shopping. But leaving the touristy places of Orchard Road, Channel and Louis Vuitton behind you head towards Mustafa Center in Little India. Its a gigantic 24-hour mall, offering over 120,000 products, which means you literally, and I really mean it, get everything there!

What Are Your Tips For Unique Things In Singapore?

I am sure I couldn’t cover all of the great things you can do in Singapore and I’m sure many of you have more good tips and favorites about what are really uniques things to do in Singapore!

Let us know and post yours in Comments below please!




Yes inspired, because i read the Times article with high expectations when they said to list places, untouched by the usual tourist crowds.

And what do i find, Singapore Flyer, Orchard Road, Sim Lim etc. WTH?

So then I decided to write my own guide…


Paying $500 for some seafood at Newton Center would be unique. For cheaper thrills, head to Empress Place and take pictures of yourself doing rude things to Sir Stamford Raffles.


haha, love your blog! I would add to the list, a dinner in a 3-room HDB flat with a 3-generation family. I used to live next door to one such family and that is the quintessential Singapore experience for me. There’s nothing quite like having a Singapore auntie serve up a hearty meal and chatter non-stop with well-meaning advice while screaming at her sons and grandchildren.


I would suggest going to McRitchie reserve and doing the Tree Top walk over Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. If you’re feeling strong, do the 9 km Southern Ridges Walk. Dinner at East Coast Hawker Centre . Most of the East Coast Park is reclaimed land, so they are not “natural beaches”.

The “local dinner” is a great idea – maybe Sing Tourism should think about it (they have a similar concept in Dubai).


Hey, East Coast park was a reclaim land. The original coast reach all the way to Katong where u can still find some high stairs off the ground type of house.


Please note the address listed under NO 7 (Go for a swim in the ocean) is NOT the true address of East Coast park. The address listed is in fact a private residence in Siglap and I would appreciate you removing all references to this address and poastal code. Thanks


For a truly unique tour experience, I would recommend Singapore DUCKtours. It’s an amphibious tour that covers both land and sea.


are you sure we can do 10 things indicated in 1 day?? for a tourist whom are new to Singapore.

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