Singapore Birth Rate Continues Downward Trend

It was reported in the Straits Times that Singapore’s birth rate dipped slightly to 1.28 last year, down a notch from 1.29 the previous year. This follows a very dangerous trend of Singapores birth rate having bad impact on the countries economy.

Singapore Birth Rate Continues Downward Trend

Todays, 18th June 2009 Singapore News come from ““.

“..What we need is a more conducive environment for people to reproduce, which include managing stress levels in society (a problem ironically brought about partly by the aggressive pro-foreigner policy), keeping the cost of living from ballooning, and providing comprehensive social nets for families struggling to balance career and child-raising, as well as for single parents who have bravely taken the responsibility for their own choices…”

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If only the jobless rate could go down as well… Well, maybe less babies means less jobless folks in the future…

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