Singapore Cab Fare Guide – Never Get Cheated Again

Uh!? 40 Dollar??
And I thought cabs are cheap here in Singapore, that was a 5 minute ride from Raffles Place to City Hall and now I have to pay more then for my last tax bill?

Don’t worry! Singapore is indeed a very cheap place to travel via cab from the West coast to the East or upside down, but there are many extra charges and fees that will apply to all thinkable different occasions.

The Prices And All Those Confusing Extra Charges

If you are not boarding at the Airport or Raffles Place at High Noon, during the night at Clarque Quay or on a rainy public holiday in front of your condo, then the calculation for your average cab drive should be done quite easily.

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‘)); ?> There is a basis charge which always applies and differs from cab color to cab color and to this basis charge a general metered charge applies which counts up either by the distance or if you are trapped in some traffic jam, per time. (The Complete Guide To Taxis / Cabs In Singapore)

Once you arrive at your destination or you give up after circling you add those two sums up and pay. Simple as this.

But unfortunately in 95% percent of your journeys it wont be easy as this.

Location Surcharge

Depending on where you board or alight you will have to pay a surcharge.

Those places are for example the airport, the city/business district (CBD), special buildings etc. The surcharge is a fixed amount that will get added up to your overall bill and can sometimes be surprisingly high, eg. I paid more then 8SD surcharge in total during the Formula 1 Night Race for a normal ride home. (Singapore’s Latest Street Scam)

Night / Peak / Holiday Surcharge

If its dark outside, you smell like hell and have still your last beer bottle with you its most likely late, means night. Beginning at 12AM to 6AM the metered fare will get a surcharge of 50%, and this will also apply for any cab you take during peak hours from 7 to 9.30AM and 5 to 8PM.

Furthermore if you are really unlucky and it’s a public holiday that day, you will be charged another 1 SD for being too lazy to take the train. (Singapore’s Long Weekends For 2010)

Booking Surcharge

You might encounter situations where you are either too smashed for standing 45 minutes at the cab stand waiting for the next free car or just being under time preasure so you will call a cab.

“Ordering” the cab to come to your doorstep will set you back between 2.50 and 5.50 SD, depending on the time and the location.

A very detailed Table of the Taxi Prices can be found here:




Taxi charges were so simple in the past. $2.40 starting price. A dollar extra during peak hours and 50% extra charges after midnight.

Now 11.30pm 10% extra, 11.45pm 25% extra or something like that. To take a cab now is confusing.

I just avoid taking cab in the morning and evening, the ERPs can empty your wallet.


Hey man, I just want to say that it is fun reading your site after a long day at work. im from KL (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) if you dont know. I go to Singapore quite often and it is a blast having someone to write about Singapore about all the things that I never find amusing, but you manage to make it more interesting than I could ever imagine. Thank you !


hey A.I, thanks man, i’m glad you like my blog, always doing my best to improve on a constant level, if you have any specific ideas or suggestions about what to write on, let me know!

And if you want to be on the blog yourself, send me a guuest post about whatever you want!

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