Singapore Cabbies Going Overboard?

TAXI drivers are taking care to avoid places such as hospitals and airports because they are afraid they would catch the Influenza A (H1N1) virus there. On Thursday, the Health Ministry confirmed three more cases, bringing the total of infected patients to 21

Singapore Cabbies Going Overboard?

Todays, 12th June 2009 Singapore News come from “Straits Times“.

“.. Several cab drivers told my paper that they have taken precautionary measures since the start of the global H1N1 outbreak in late April this year. Some of them, like Mr S. Lim, 58, have taken to disinfecting their vehicles every day.

Mr Lim, who also makes it a point to wind down his windows each time he picks up a passenger who is ill, said: ‘As long as they cough or sneeze, the windows would definitely be down. I wouldn’t want to fall sick, in any case, not just because of H1N1.’ ..”

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