Finally! Singapore Launches New Campaign “Switch It Off Already!”

How long was I waiting for the day when annoyance, inconsideration and total misbehavior in public events such as cinema shows and theater plays would get officially acknowledged and addressed by the Singapore government. That day has come. Praise the lord of durians!
All you mobile-phone-users, late-comers and rubbish-talkers be aware! Singapore’s latest campaign “Switch It Off Already!” is going to end your unglamorous regime.

Press Announcement:
9th Nov. New Campaign Against Public Annoyance

Today the Department of Adultery Behavior Training (DABT), being part of Singapore’s Governmental education body, announced the implementation of a new public campaign which would be addressed as part of the successful “Kindness Movement” and “Be Graceful” campaigns. Both campaigns initially started their public announcements in the second quarter of 2009 and up to date received widely positive remarks. (Read: The 6 Most Weird Campaigns In Singapore)

The new campaign, running under the slogan “Switch It Off Already!”, will be launched this week, on Thursday 12th November 2009. The opening ceremony is said to be a symbolic movie screening of the new disaster movie “2012”, after director Roland Emmerich agreed to produce a localized re-cut, with the ultimate catastrophe being changed to rampaging people, having had their movie show spoiled by unmindful and disturbing fellow movie watchers.

Guests of honor include local entertainment stars such as Miss Ris Low (Miss Singapore 2009 – Watch Her Famous Video Here), Celebrity Blogger Xiaxue and Mr. Brown, as well as several representatives of Singapore’s Ministry Of Education (MOE).

Personal Matters Involved In Final Approval Of The New Campaign

The official press announcement, released by the DABT last week, named several key factors that finally led to the addition of this latest act in a row of already established public campaigns, directed towards educating the Singapore public in matters that “Quote: Somehow must have slipped through our fingers”.

Besides statistical increasing numbers of rioting cinema visitors, demanding refunds of their tickets and higher suicidal rates in the group of theater and opera fans, the official added deeply appologizing, that even personal matters played an important factor in the successful budgeting and final approval of the “Switch It Off Already!” campaign to go public. (Read: The Risk Of Watching An Opera In Singapore)

With tears in his eyes the official claimed:
“My wife left me after we went to the opera and I started to clip my nails during the second act, it was so boring,how? And then I called my uncle to tell him how lousy the actors were. I could rarely understand what they were saying, why speak Italian in Singaporean Opera? Cannot!”

“Switch It Off Already” As Symbol For General Inconsideration

The campaigns slogan “Switch It Off Already” was created by local Marketing Company “Bodoh Buay” which explained that the campaigns original intention would be to address all public acts of inconsideration in public events such as theater plays, movie screenings, podium discussion and similar.

After market research showed that the use of mobile phones during such events is been regarded as the most “offensive” act..
“We choose to take this matter and make it the punch line of the whole campaign. The idea is, that if you do not even consider switching off your mobile phone (in such events – add. editl.), all other “to be assumed common human understandings of inter-personal behavior” wont be established in that individual person anyway.

This means we have a lot of work ahead, but hopefully this new campaign will help all of us being able to really enjoy our evenings out again!”


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