The 3 Best Places To Watch Singapores Chingay Parade For Free

You gotta see this.
The Chingay Parade in Singapore is Asia’s biggest street parade held once a year during the Chinese New Years celebrations.
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What was once a small parade, first held in 1973, as a response to the official firecracker ban from the year before, and to bring back cheering and joy to the people, has no evolved into a massive, multicolor staged show, broad casted live by the national television and watched by over a million of people each year.

The Chingay Parade Details

The show is staged this Friday (30th Jan) and Sat (31st Jan) at 8.30PM and will be broad casted on the following day, the 1st of February on TV.

However, the whole party would set you back between 50SD and 65SD respectively (all categories but the most expensive are sold out), if you want to have the prime view and seats.

But being a street parade, there is no way the organizers can really avoid us, the cheapskates, to stand along the roads and take a free glimpse at the dancers, floats and what else is going on.

The Best Places To Watch The Parade For Free

1. Watching From Above
Last year I had Chinese New Year dinner at the Sich Uan Dou H restaurant, at UOB Plaza, which happens to be located on the 60th floor.
Half way through the menu little colorful balls were suddenly exploding outside the window, slightly below our height. Those were the fireworks from the Chingay Parade as I realized then.

So if you have planned to have dinner that night anyway, why don’t you think about “taking it to the next level” and have a nice meal in some high rise restaurant along the Chingay Parade route.

See here for a list of restaurents that might fit this purpose!

2. Along The Singapore Cricket Club

I was doing my duty as a Formula 1 volunteer exactly in front of the Cricket Club, and its in my opinion a pretty nice place to watch the parade for free, being close to the next MRT station (Raffles Place) and at the same time having a great view of the closing fireworks ceremony which will be held at the Padang as well.

Either directly in front of the Cricket Club (maybe you can even manage to get to their roof terrace :) Or on the opposite side of the street.

3. After The Esplanade

And the important word here is “AFTER”!

The Esplanade areas are usually crowded with people, streaming over from the City Hall MRT station. Unfortunately you wont be able to see anything from the Esplanade Roof Terrace, which means everybody will gather in front of the theater building.

If you follow the road in the direction of “Area 4 Platform”, you will be most likely encounter less people then only 100 meters before.

The Setback – Why Paying Then At All?

Well, after all the free areas are most likely barricaded with railings. Means, there will be tons of people with the exact same intentions as you have, watching the Parade standing, and peering over shoulders.
Also, the performers are human. It’s difficult to sustain the same level of energy throughout the entire route. So they reserve their best for the paid areas, where the press photographers and videographers are.


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Surajit Mukherjee

Where do I get to see a full recording of 2009 Chingay Parade?

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