Singapore’s Own Coffee – Complete List Of Kopi Variations

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Complete List Of Kopi Variations

Never get lost again if you stand in front of your kopi shop and you dont know how to ask for a Coffee without sugar or More Milk. Here is a list of all coffee / kopi terms in Singapore.

  • • Kopi: Coffee with condensed milk
  • • Kopi-O: Coffee without milk and only sugar
  • • Kopi-C: Coffee with evaporated milk
  • • Kopi-gau: Coffee (strong brew)
  • • Kopi-po: Coffee (weak brew)
  • • Kopi-C-kosong: Coffee with evaporated milk and no sugar (’kosong” means empty in Malay)
  • • Kopi-O-kosong: Coffee without sugar or milk
  • • Kopi-O-kosong-gau: A strong brew of coffee without sugar or milk
  • • Kopi-bing or Kopi-ice or Kopi-Peng: Coffee with milk, sugar and ice
  • • Kopi-xiu-dai: Coffee with less sugar
  • • Kopi-gah-dai: Coffee with extra sweetened milk
  • • Kopi-Di-Lo: All coffee, no water

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Please note that the above mentioned are for piping hot coffees.

If you’d like your coffee with ice on a hot Sunny Singapore day, please add peng at the end of the phrases (Kopi-peng- iced coffee with condensed milk please)



Kopi Peng Sui Tai!!! (i bet thats spelled wrong, but i finally learned how to use it :)


Hi, wow, thanks! This is nice and very useful for people who don’t know dialects like me. =)

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