Singapore Confirms First Case Of H1N1

The patient is currently being treated at the Communicable Disease Centre at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and is in stable condition. The patient is a 22-year-old Singaporean woman who was in New York from May 14-24.

UPDATE: Singapore Confirms Four Cases Of H1N1

Update, 29th May 2009 – Singapore on Thursday confirmed three more cases of Influenza A (H1N1), bringing the number of infected persons in the country to four.

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SINGAPORE: Singapore has confirmed its first case of Influenza A (H1N1).

The government has been warning Singaporeans for weeks to prepare for an inevitable H1N1 outbreak in the city-state, a regional financial and trading center and the world’s busiest port.

The woman arrived from New York early on Tuesday on a Singapore Airlines flight, and was not picked up by thermal scanners at the airport as she did not have a fever then, the government said in a statement. She is in a stable condition.

The government said it was tracing the flu patient’s close contacts and said they would be quarantined and treated with anti-viral medication. It urged those traveling on the same flight to contact the authorities.

The government is continuing with screening at border checkpoints and asked people to stay at home if suffering flu symptoms. It also advised caution over travel to affected areas.

Singapore financial markets shrugged off the news. Singapore’s central bank said in April that the global outbreak of flu clouded the outlook for the country.

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Comments: Are You Afraid Of H1N1 In Singapore?

So now that the first case has been confirmed in Singapore, will you change habbits, are you afraid, do you prepare?

Please write down your thoughts in the comments below!



Bo Tye Chee

I believe that the Asian culture does make Singaporeans more vulnerable to the epidemic. We have a habitual routine of sharing food and drinks. Hence, I believe Singaporeans should heed the Government’s urgings in keeping healthy habits such as washing your hands.
Churches can be supportive by prepacking the holy communion so as to minimize health risks.

Prevention is better than Cure.

The Big H

The infected girl is from SMU, where I study. I was quite shocked to see so many insensitive comments about her on other public forums. At a time when she most needs her countrymen’s support, why are some idiots hell bent upon blaming her instead of showing sympathy?! Beats me. Kiasuness at its best, if you ask me.

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