Video: How Foreigners Cut Their Durians

Seriously, is this method of cutting durians a norm in other parts of the world? The uncles at Geylang will be fuming mad if they see people take their durians and cut them this way.

How Foreigners Cut Their Durians

Todays, 25th March 2009 Singapore Expat News come from “Alvinology“.

A local blogger analyzing the “Ang Moh’s” way of eating the Singaporean Durian fruit. The fruit is kind of a national symbol, smells terrible but is supposed to be very tasty. However, obviously you have to cut it a special way and there seems to be a misunderstanding in the way the foreigners tend to cut the fruit. Watch the video in the link below.

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Comments: So HOW Do You Cut The Durian Correctly?

Please enlight me and post your cutting methods in the comments below!




You’re supposed to make a deep cut on the bottom of the durian(the part directly opposite from the stem), and then pry the durian open from the cut using a butcher knife or a durian knife as a lever.

Not sure why anyone needs to go through all that trouble. It’s just easier to buy the durian prepackaged in styrofoam. LOL!


Opening durian is actually a crucial part of the very enjoyable experience of eating it.

Yes, start from the bottom. Look carefully and you should find a fill “lines” from the bottom to the stem. These “lines” are identified by the discontinuity of thorn patterns on both side of the lines. Try to align your knife to one of these lines, cut in deep enough. If done correctly, the prying open of the durian can be done bare hand with little force.

It is fun to eat in a group and let each to try opening a durian.


If you’re gonna have to take out the axe, that means you’ve gone too far. But yes, find the fill lines along the sides of the durian, and use a cleaver to cut along that line. Make sure it’s deep enough for you to use the blade as a lever to pry it open. Once you have 1 ‘pod’ open, you can push down on the shell and open up the rest of the pods. Oh, please push with your hands firmly place inside the shell. Otherwise, you may bleed.

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