Singapore Expats: Stop Complaing So Much!

When I founded this page I was indeed an Angry AngMo, there was a lot to complain about, and so I did. However people are complaining about me now, for not complaining so much any more. Thanks for the hint, I will see what I can do.
But before I start, I present you a guest blogger, Leone Fabre, expat, and in Singapore since over 2 years. And she shares with us her personal point of view on “Complaining Expats” in Singapore.

This is a Guest Blog By Leone Fabre, Singapore Expat since over 2 years.
You can read more of her thoughts here on her blog: My Life In Singapore

The Forums Are Full Of Complaints And Criticisms.

A couple of times a week I log onto one or two of the Expat Forums, not for any particular reason, just to see whats happening, who is going on holidays, or where to buy some books, just basic info.

But lately the forums are full of complaints and criticisms.

People put up questions, asking where to buy this or that, where to go for a weekend, or maybe they are simply looking for friends. But for some strange reason, there are always so many replies in the negative.

Many People Say The Most Ridiculous Things

Many people say the most ridiculous things that wont help anyone, or the situation and certainly not helping those that asked the question.

This morning I read a new post, a person was looking for a desk. She found one here in Singapore but it was “ridiculously expensive” and so she went on to make comments on how much it was in the UK and so on. That is fine… Some things are more expensive, some things less so …

But soon after, the usual reply arrived:

  • QUOTE:
    Does anything make sense in this ridiculous country?
    Just enjoy this place for what is can bring to you, which, I admit, is very little.

Why would you reply like this?

It Sends A Very Bad Message To The Local People

Such a selfish person… typically thinking of just themselves… it sends a very bad message to the local people, and in all honesty… does nothing more but creating unrest.

The person that wrote this must surely gain a lot from living here, he/she takes home good pay, and most likely has a good lifestyle.

But they are ready and willing to knock it.

He/She is one of those Expats that are only here here for one reason: to take what they can and not think about giving.

Unfortunately there are many of them.

I Am Ashamed And Embarrassed To Be Known As An “Expat”

I am often ashamed and embarrassed to be known as an “expat”, as we are all lumped into the same ‘box’ by the local population.

I often wonder how Singaporeans would fare living overseas (many of them do) but wonder how they react to costs, lifestyle, friends etc…. do they constantly complain? Are they unhappy? Do they have their own “Expat Forums” where they vent their anger and frustration as above?

Not everything is as it is at “home” wherever that maybe. Some prices maybe a little higher, some a little lower. So what? The wages they earn cover all that!

Don’t Forget The Exchange Rate

I know someone from the US here that is always complaining about the cost of things here… but totally forgets the exchange rate!

I also try to remind them that so many things are made in the US… where by here, they have to import everything, so we need to pay extra for the duty, the storage, the shipping. But it is totally beyond her.

We Have To Make The Best Of What We Have

We have all been given the opportunity to come and live here, mostly due to work.

We have to make the best of what we have and enjoy it while we can. It is a great experience to have the opportunity to live elsewhere and be part of a different culture.

We are happy that we are here, most people work and live together in harmony, the sun shines, the people are friendly towards us, we have lots of opportunities to travel, we have food on the table and a roof over our head.
Not always do we see our family and friends but they are only as far away as the phone or email, there are some things I dislike (like pushing and shoving to get there first!) but we have to try and ignore these ‘cultural differences’ and accept things are different.

But why make such ridiculous comments?

Can’t they just shut up and accept what they have?

It is such a beautiful day, lets all enjoy it whatever it may bring us.




I’m an expat who has lived here a long time. I love Singapore and quite frankly if you don’t like it, then you always have the option of making a home elsewhere.

In the meantime, I agree totally with the author: Be constructive or STFU.


yes, i agree, and you even have the option to make it more of a home here in the first place!

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