Singapore And Press Freedom – Fail!!

It was one of the only negative things or rather little bits of news I heard since staying in Singapore. Singapore came within the last 30 countries out of 170 in the World Press Index, implicating how well Press Freedom is treated in the respective countries.
Well, considering that this was the only negative news I received here, I guess the title is somehow deserved. That was last year.

2009 – Still Aint Better Singapore

A couple of days ago the new World Press Freedom Index was released, and in 2009 Singapore ranks 133, still behind close neighbours such as Thailand and Malaysia which have far more instable systems and internal issues to deal with.

Please read this Article which gives you a clear and very good idea WHY Singapore is ranked so low and how the leading governments reactions were.

Article: Why Singapore Government Is Bruised By The World Press Freedom Index Ranking (Read It Here)

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