Watch Out! The Singapore Government Spams Your Mobile!

Lying on my sofa, strolling through the Sunday afternoon and watching the HSBC Singapoe Open getting washed away by rain…suddenly *beep beep* One new Message on my mobile.

I Never Requested This Service

I reach for the device and see someone sent me a SMS, well, since this doesn’t happen too often it either has to be one of these annoying advertisements or one of the annoying advertisements… So i was stunned when i opened it and Mr. Mas Selamat looked me straight in the eyes, diabolic, willingly to take over my electronic device to transform it into some kind of pulse bomb…dunno..

Well, it seems Mr. Singapore stores every Singaporean mobile device number in one of his little books or there was another small line in my mobile contract that i oversaw, saying “In case of terrorist activities and or the extreme unlikely situation of escape of fugitives we are allowed to forward your number to the state of Singapore for further contact”…ARG!!!! Ok.. i am getting used to constantly loosing more and more private details to the’MIN!

I Am Getting Paralyzed

Its just, im getting kind of paralyzed by this guy, his picture is in every MRT station, on the TV, on flyer’s in the streets, painted on my chicken rice package, on my bills from cold storage…and now even on my mobile!! I have the feeling, i see his picture even more now then Edison Chans!

Well, just please Mr. Singapore, don’t send me any advertisement for cheaper government loans or the new health plan via SMS in the future.

PS. For everybody who wants to take part in “The Great Singapore Search”, has some good advice, including this handy printout for everybody!

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