Singapore Idol – Are You Serious? (Hate Me Now)

The last NDP firework explosion just faded away through the narrow HDB corridors, when I reached home, thirsty and sweaty from a long day, trying to escape the red-Shirts on their crusade for “One nation” through the city.

I got me an ice cold beer, jumped on my sofa and switched on the TV. *zoong* Then… I cannot remember anything. I woke up the next morning with scratch marks around my eyes and ears. What had happened?

Advisory: Before You continue reading, 3 important facts:

  • 1. Singapore has a great history of incredible bad TV-Show adoptions, the latest, “Don’t Forget The Lyrics”, was pulled of the TV after failing big time and replaced by the original episodes from the US.
  • 2. I hate “Idol” competitions, really! And I only watched the former American version so I could point out how bad and staged it was over and over again.
  • 3. I seriously had problems with writing this text, because I did not know here to start with my critics, in the end I could have simply put it in 4 words: Incredible Waste Of Time!

However… I gave “Singapore Idol” a shot, since its kind of different, close and… Singlish.

Singapore Is Too Average For This Show

It might sound harsh and racist, but unfortunately, and very much based on the “number of citizens – to – possible amount of great superstars” ratio, there should no show exist with the name of “Singapore Idol”.

I talked this over with my local friends and the general consensus of our discussion was, that people love and watch a show like “American Idol” because of the 1% Super freaks and the other 1% really incredible good singing possible stars, no one cares about the other 98%, and wisely enough, the producers do fill close to 100% of their show with the 2% of exceptions.

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However the problem is in Singapore… there are no exceptions.

And I’m not discriminating the couple of people who might be able to reach lower, deeper and nicer tones then the rest of us, yes, there are probably talents and good singers in Singapore, but no Superstars and no Superfreaks, and that makes the whole show very much… extremely boring.

Everything is average. The (staged) freaks are not funny or appear close to being real characters, and even worse, the majority of people who (don’t ask me how) reached the top-whatever-we-have-right-now stage, dude… I take you for a tour through the life-band stages of Singapore and collect easily the same number of singers who are out-voicing those characters by far!

So yes, first, fundamental issue for the show, Singapore is too average!

The Clones Judges

The show was not even 2 minutes old when I kind off gave up on the whole concept. How can I take a “reality” show serious if the judges are not more then mere and bad copies of the successful US version.

I sat in front of my TV and had the best laughing flash since a long time, this was so massively ridiculous!

Besides the fact that one of them keeps on crying whenever anyone has more to say then the usual crap, the other one seems to be so underwhelming unqualified for the show that I cant even remember her face and the third one not only copies the look and gestures but also mimic, “pen chewing” and impressively unimpressive comments, all three of the judges make their whole appearance even worse by speaking their finest Singlish like no tomorrow and pulverizing the governments “Speak Good English Campaigns” within the first minute and 10 Lahs.

What is this?

The Candidates – Did I Hear You Say Somethin’?

A group of unfortunate characters, obviously chosen by highest possible “future confrontation level” and really really really not what any country should claim as their “biggest singing talents”.

I always wonder where the people are that really know how to hit notes and electrify the air when performing. I know they exist, even in Singapore. I’ve seen them on several occasions. Be it on talent/singing shows at the Polytechs, NUS Anniversary concerts or one of the many great live band venues in Singapore.

However, maybe they are doing the right thing to hide not to be part of that TV-show of hell.

Get It Over And Then Stop

I sent a letter to the responsible TV station and producers asking for a speed-up process to cut short the elimination rounds to only one show before crowning some randomly chosen drunken guy from the KTV bar next door the “Singapore Idol”.

I suggested to let every contestant tell a spontaneous joke and reiterate what they know about music-history, once they all failed the randomly chosen KTV guy would take the stage, Singapore Idol would get their desperately needed headlines and the following protests would make a “Singapore Idol Season 4″ impossible to support for anyone.

In fact… ah.. maybe I stop here, otherwise it will never stop. Comments now!




yepp exact sentiments! even moi as a s’porean feel this way!


Guess you missed the special “VIP” version of Don’t Forget The Lyrics with the $217,000 a year members of parliament making fools of themselves instead of working on the economic problems.


This is why I do not watch Singapore television anymore. 99% of the shows are just rip-offs of American Tv shows, which is ironic considering some of those American Tv shows are actually rip-offs of british tv shows. No wonder they cancelled Pop Idol in the UK & replaced it with X Factor.

Singapore Idol = Cringe!


It is not only 1 show, other non English channel they have this kind of show non stop, one after another, from idol, actor, tv-host, singer, band, student idol.

Now our TV is filled up of all these cheap production that makes the fools dial in to vote, or program sponsor by private company to promote their product or services like Hair Care, Beauty, Slimming, Food, Travel.

TV Programs are crap here.


I couldn’t agree more. I’m a german/chinese mixed person WHO IS SINGAPOREAN…and I say SINGAPORE TV and mass communication skills are NILL!! ZILCH ZERO! I know why good talents/artists here don’t join the competitions…cus it’s DEGRADING to their talent. It’ll be a total disgrace for their records. *sigh* the only thing singapore is good at doing is creating a robot society. (I’ve only stayed here for 3 years and I hate this country)


couldn’t agree more! was just talking abt the talent to population ratio thing the other day… also we’re (yes, im singaporean) just tooo preoccupied making money. Face it in our society u need money, to make money you gotta work. and work hard. where’s the time to chase your passions and live your dreams!? bleaargh… only can KEEP dreaming…


Singapore idol cant make it BIG. Population is a prob though. & dont you think we deserve better staging/production? +Ken Lim is trying too hard to be Simon. He is getting too whiney in season3 compared to the prev 2.


I live in hope that we’ll see a superstar one day. Hady wasn’t too bad, he had nice moments. Taufik is a recognised name in Indonesia. But you’re right, no one’s worth shouting about. Probably the best candidate I can remember on the show was patronised by the judges and sent packing by the public in the first season: Mathilda D’Silva (


I think spore idol judges first need to hav talent to spot the best.. than s’porean can be proud of its own talent to make it globally.


I gave Singapore tv a few chances everytime I come here for work. But after 2 hours I give up every time and end up watching something online while leaving the tv playing AXN reruns in my hotel room. Ha ha. Btw, funny article. Your sarcasm is hilarious!


I think Channel 5 locally produced show is just bad..Except for Phua Chu Kang and Channel 8 dramas..I rather snooze than watch this kind of shows.You are right about it being a waste of time


Personally I feel that the youngsters in Singapore still like Singapore idol judging by the number of participants (something like 4000).. we may or may not be able to find a mega-star but definitely it gives the better potential ones a chance to pursue their dreams at the big stage…a few years of polishing may see them at the next quantum level….as for the failures (4th-20th position)…they have their exposures on broadcast television and let the entire nations seen them…maybe out there are some potential employers are who are scouting for people with that kinds of exposure and personality…. they definitely know their own potential and whether they are really suitable for singing as a career… some of them would be treking on Mass Comm path (diploma/degree) and that exposure definitely would help them… others may be sidelined for national service and may be posted to SAF Music and Drama Company as a result which will give them another two years of right path opportunity to develop further…. whatever the case…. the show was good advertisement campaign for the sponsors, allowed music producers to scout for talents, provided an additional ARTs channel for local talents …. kept quite a number of Singaporeans glued to the TV and paved the path for another Asian Idol contest.


wat a bad show s idol season 3 the finalist long way to go compare to hady & taufiq waste of time to watch s idol the winner will not go far


Singing is about expression.It’s like telling a story.I am a local musician who have played abroad.This show is actually a popularity contest,not so much a singing competition.That’s why I guess the real talents out there just can’t be bothered to take part.If you put real judges to judge the show,(not those 3 goons)and not let the public judge based on popularity,then you’d probably see more talents instead of idiots.Granted, some of those contestants can sing,but still the ‘feel’ and expressions and ability to tell a story is missing.Those,to me,are the key elements.The producers,should coach them on that too instead of just vocal training.I guess they just can’t be bothered since it’s just a popularity contest.As for the judges…forget it.I don’t even wanna start.

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