Singapore Is Not Safe Any More!

Alright, so this is it. Singapore isn’t safe any more. Low crime does not mean no crime.

Get into your house, close your doors, windows, don’t turn on the air con and keep silent while the cold sweat is running down your forehead.

When the authorities knock on your door, don’t open, it might be an ambush. And never, never be tempted to go and get your chicken rice from outside, its a long way down.

What Happened?

It appears that there are obviously still places in Singapore, where your cheeks don’t get scanned for suspicious movements indicating eventually chewing gum use, following automated SMS to your mobile, “You were just fined 50SD, if you pay within the next 25minutes you get 10% discount”.

And although I actually expected the only place not to be CCTVed would be my bedroom (and even there i wasn’t too sure), i was quite surprised to read that a top terrorist managed to escape from Singapore High Class Prison yesterday afternoon…WHAT?

On The Run

Was the guard watching Makan Sutra on the screens or what? I’m pretty stunned that this could happen in Singapore, i mean HELLO? We have sensors in our elevators to catch people who spill whatever liquid in there and now that

I called my friend and his only reply was “Wow, now Singapore is getting more exciting” and the next one left me with “Well, Singaporeans are so helpful it will be hard to catch him” (i think i heard some kind of sarcasm in his voice

Everybody Is Scarred To Death, LOL

Now after i watched BBC and ABC the whole night waiting for some kind of report, i gave up without seeing the “Top News of Singapore” breaking but being able to tell the Premiere League results of the last 4 years from the top of my head, and went to sleep. Once i woke up, ready to defeat my life with my bare hands, but it was only the neighbors dog making some funny noises

Today i read that parents are frightened to send their kids to school and that there are already first plans to postpone the Youth Olympics and the Formula 1 race, so i decided to take according action. I will get me a comfi chair, cigarettes, food and drinks, place myself on the East Coast Park and try to spot him swimming back to Bintan once again. Once i found him i will just wave into one of the many cameras, luckily there are plenty!

Psssst….maybe the Post below gives a hint!

Channel News Asia



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