Attention!! Singapore’s Latest Street Scam – I Almost Felt For It

If my suspicious mind wouldn’t be so suspicious i would be a model, a news reporter, tv show presenter, “high end sports car” salesman, again model and following todays “incident” right in the middle of Raffles Place, a Travel Show moderator for Channel News Asia…well well, what else could i ask for? Maybe a less suspicious mind!

Scam Is Everywhere In Singapore

As a inhabitant of several of European capitals you get used to daily scam offers, people who cross your way very “randomly” on the street outside, taking your hand without asking, shouting their name in your face with the next question being what the exact amount of my current salary would be…

I remember me in the beginning being credulous and starting real conversations with this bunch, now after one day, some idiots in black suits, asked me three times in a row if i wouldn’t like to invest in their unique business idea, telling me i would be the perfect partner and the immediately recognized me as being the right person for their company…i had enough.

Im Fighting Back Now!

Some Google research and a TV documentation later i was prepared to go out again and face those gangsters. I don’t know if i looked to confident, maybe like a tiger waiting for their bait, but they stopped running “randomly” over me…

But stop, that was around the same time i moved to Singapore..and woohooo.. 2 days after i arrived i got the first model contract offer. Yeah sure, thanks, too kind, here is my number 9123 4567.

Please never Call Me Again

Please never call me. Unfortunately at that point i was too surprised that i couldn’t “play” with them but i googled their company and somehow only found forum post, of annoyed people who lost their money through paying for never happening photo shootings…too sad!

The next time someone thought it would be clever to ask me for some time during my precious lunch brake, he definitely didn’t know what he was doing. It went something like this:

xxx: Hello, my name is STUPID nice to meet you!
me: …
xxx: Are you local?
me: Well, i was born in Hawaii and lived 5 years in Russia, before i got kicked out, moved to South Africa to buy me a wife, but now, yes im local. How about you? (the best thing you can do is confronting them with questions, they are prepared to ask you all kind of stuff, to get you to the point of signing some ridiculous paper, but you can expect them not to be prepared to answer any questions at all, a simple “Is that watch real?” or “Hey, you have a new hairstyle since i saw you last time” is all you need)

Well, the above conversation was over at that point but it didn’t take many days until i saw someone else walking straight toward me at Bugis. Before he was able to fire up his introduction, it was my turn…”Hello Sir, i was looking for you, what is the code word?” *confusion* “amigo, the codeword…pscht…you know… for the “delivery”… the conversation was over before it began and while he quickly walked away i shouted behind him “But tell anybody…its a secreeet!”

How To Defeat Those Buggers!!

Now, another good thing to do is…. give them the time! They ask you for your name, you give them the time, they ask you for your income, tell them…”aah, its 10 to 4″…i guarantee you they will leave after not more then 3 attempts.

Now today was interesting again. I was sitting right in the middle of Raffles Place when i saw a group of around 4 guys. So while i was drinking my coffee one of them “confronted” a guy close buy getting into a conversation with him. Immediately i knew what was going on. You have people who just come over, ask you if you want to take part in a survey, and if you say “no” they are gone.

Then you have those who are friendly kind and, as mentioned before, just take your hand. Those are the scam people, they have to be uber friendly because they know they “product” is s***!

My Latest Scam Acounter

Now while i was watching them talking to each other, another guy of that group came over and of course…took my hand and fired his first question:

“Hi my name is DICKHEAD, are you local?”
me: yes
DH: Perfect, we are shooting a new series for CNA and you seem to be the perfect presenter!
me: oh really, thats beautiful. But i thought you found your perfect presenter already *pointing over to the other couple*
DH: Uuuhm, no, thats for another series!
me: Oh, interesting, what series?
DH: Uhm, you would have to talk to my colleague, so what about you?
me: me? Im currently drinking my coffee when you started talking to me
DH: ah, sir…
me: Whats your name again? And if i have some more questions, whats the number of your manager?
DH: I dont think i can give you my managers number but …
me: Ah no problem, which department in CNA are you working for again?
DH: No, im not working for CNA…………
me: Well then i guess you will have to travel alone…


If anybody else made experiences with those lunatics in Singapore, please post your stories in the comments…




There are some nice scams in Singapore, it is amazing howm many times I have been told I have a “lucky face”, unfortunately I never hung around to find out what it meant as it screamed SCAM. Maybe next time I will find out what I am missing out on


Haha, nice tactics, thank you. You might want to talk about another really really popular scam which is multilevel marketing, MLM (or you actually did?). They usually approach foreign students and start a conversation with: “What is your dream?” (wth, who on earth would get to know others with such question). Almost every student has faced them at least once in their college time..


I know the lucky face scam well. Apparently mine is very, very lucky because I am told this at least three times a week. The conversation is usually as follows:

WobblyHead: Hello Sir, may I be telling you that you have a lucky face.

Me: Oh thank you, that is very kind of you to say.

WH: Don’t you want me to tell you why?

ME: I am also quite perceptive myslf. I can tell you just had a very big lunch.

WH: Huh? How? What?

ME: I can tell because you are totally full of shit.

The conversation usually ends after that.

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