Too Expensive? Here’s how to watch the World Cup in Singapore for Free

Singapore Watching the Worldcup for Free

Would you believe it? In 2006, it cost you 10.50 S$ to watch the telecast World Cup matches in Singapore while sitting on your own sofa in your comfi home, this time, 2010, you have to shell out S$94.16. For a football loving creature like me, this definitely comes in the exorbitant and not to be borne category.

Soccer Fan? Here are 5 Places you must check out in Singapore!

Singapore Soccer Fans

If you happen to be in Singapore during this, world cup, the next football season or you are just as crazy about soccer as me and stuck here the whole year, naturally you want to know about the five best places and not to miss places, which you have to visit, and worship as a total devotee of soccer and football. Here you go!

The complete Guide to the Shanghai World Expo

singapore shanghai world expo opening

As the blue mascot Hai bao or the treasure of the sea welcomes you to the Shanghai Expo, remember that this world Expo is one of the places to be, in 2010. Along with 70 million visitors, more than 190 countries and more than 48 international and national organizations are taking place in this Expo with a Better City, Better Life theme.

Visiting the Dragon – How to get from Singapore to China

singapore china airlines

Want to visit China this summer from Singapore? A large number of Singaporeans enjoyed visiting China, because they may have relatives and friends there. But if you are going to China for the first time, from Singapore, well, you do not have to worry at all, because you as an ordinary passport holder from Singapore do not need a visa to visit China. Same thing goes for Japanese tourists and tourists from Brunei. By the way, this visit is going to be limited only for 15 days for sightseeing, business services, visiting relatives in China, or for transit purposes.

Late Again? 5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Fly with Asian Budget Airlines

singapore budget airlines terminal

Yesterday I twittered this, “Aren’t Stewaredesses supposed to be pretty?”. Today you might read this and say “Watch out, Stereo Type” or whatever, I don’t care. It was just another tip of an ugly iceberg that practically crash landed my positive experience of in-flight “entertainment”. Shortly after we touched down in Singapore, late once again, or well, have we ever been on time anyway? Within the last months my frustration about the budget airlines operating from Singapore grew just as much as their service and cockiness got worse and worse. Their new luggage rip-off is only the latest scam adding another good point to below list,of why to avoid them at all costs, literally..

The 5 most amazing Pavilions of Shanghai World Expo

shanghai denmark pavilion

For all those people who are getting ready to get out of Singapore for a weekend and reach Shanghai for the World Expo, here is some amusing news, which may interest you. There are 150 pavilions which are going to be visited by more than 70 million tourists and visitors. This is a six-month long Expo, so you can enjoy the better city better life theme. With 190 countries participating in this world Expo, this is going to be a spectacular spectacular, as they say in the vernacular.

Nokia X6 – Comes with Music (and much more!)


I get Christmas and Birthday SMS from about every Mobile Phone company operating in Singapore. Why? Because I fall under their “favorite customers” category. I loose every single new phone I get within the first 3 month of playing around with it. I travel a lot, I use my phone heavily, I loose it, I need to buy a new one. Great.

The 5 Best Online Dating Pages in Singapore

Singapore online Dating

Are you feeling lonely and wish someone should be there for you? With lots of genuine dating websites in Singapore, you are sure to find the special person you are looking for. The following websites are the best among millions of web pages and can put you in touch with Singapore singles. All these sites are particularly focused on Singapore and are trusted by millions of Singaporeans.

5 Places You should avoid when Shopping in Singapore

Sim Lim Square Avoid

There may be regions in your city that you avoid visiting. Especially for shopping. They tend to leave a bad taste in memories. It’s the similar with Singapore. There are some areas which are infamous for shopping or anything in general. These are the areas that make this otherwise great city, a little low.