Don’t Spend Chinese New Year in Singapore – Go Here Instead (5 Great Trips)

You don’t like large fireworks? You don’t like thousands of people clogging the streets of your city? You don’t like crowded market places? Then you should definitely not head to Singapore during Chinese New Year. The place has so much hustle and bustle that anyone with crowd-syndrome would go crazy in no time.

1. Rawa (Malaysia) – Have an Island for yourself

I visited Rawa the first time short after having had a weekend trip to Tioman, its “neighbor-island” just some 15 minutes further down with the ferry.
But lord was I surprised. Rawa is like another planet, crystal clear wtaer, white sand and just a small oasis of tranquility. The only setback is the tiny amount of rooms on the small island. There are basically only two places to stay in. Rawa Safari and Rawa Island Resort.

2. Ko PhiPhi (Thailand) – Relaxing on Asia’s best Beaches

  • Information:
  • How to get there: Fly with Jetstar, AirAsia or Tiger Airways to Phuket, then take a ferry to PhiPhi
  • Tip: Watch out for Scams upon arriving in PhiPhi, book your hotel before you go over

Another beautiful island, slowly getting run over by backpackers but still a wonderful spot to spend a long weekend, getting away from it all. Dont waste your time on Phuket, transfer directly from the airport to the ferry terminal and take a boat to PhiPhi, you can buy the tickets (including the bus transfer) directly at the tourist counter on the left when leaving the arrival hall.

3. Angkor Wat (Cambodia) – Timeless Temples and Culture

  • Information:
  • How to get there: Fly with Jetstar to Siem Reap
  • Tip: Get a private guide with Jeep for a whole day, it wont cost much and is the best way to explore the temples

An impressive little spot on the South East Asian map is Angkor Wat (Siem Reap), famous for its amazing temples and culture heritage. You can take a direct flight and after checking in, 2 nights and 3 days should be enough to discover this magical place. Just perfect to escape the Chinese New Year trouble.

4. Bali (Indonesia) – Go Riding Asia’s Best Waves

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  • How to get there: Fly with Jetstar or AirAsia to Denpasar (Bali) and then take a cab
  • Tip: Stay in one of the many (cheap) private villas instead of booking the huge hotels

Don’t expect too much from Bali’s famous touristy beaches around Legian or Kutha, but come here for those wave’s you are painstackingly missing everywhere in South East Asia. Instead of riding the shopping spree, ride your perfectly shaped blue waves!

5. Darwin (Australia) – Explore Beautiful National Parks

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  • How to get there: Fly with Tiger Airways to Darwin, then continue via rented car
  • Tip: Arrive in the morning at Darwin and pick your car directly up at the airport, not wasting any time

And whoever wants to make sure he is really as far away from any Chinese New Year trouble as possible.. Darwin in Australia is your closest (cheapest) option.
Hire a car straight away from the airport and discover one of the two close by Nature reserves Litchfield or Kakadu National Parks.
3 days should just be enough time to enjoy some Waterfall swimming and animal watching. Perfect.