Singapore’s Top 10 Worst Consumer Behaviors (Part2)

Working as a cashier in a huge supermarket for the past two months has opened my eyes to the various silly antics of Singapore customers. Most of the behavior mentioned here may seem shameless and risible but they explicitly mirror the greedy, arrogant and thoughtless characteristics that some local customers possess.

This is the second part of “Singapore’s Top 10 Worst Consumer Behaviors”. Read the first part here, or continue reading for an exclusive insight to the 10 Worst Consumer Behaviors In Singapore!

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6) Plastic Notes Only

I have customers who after receiving their changes, request for the paper notes to be swapped with plastic ones. This habit is especially prevalent among senior citizens. So what makes this particular habit bad, you ask?

Well, it turns bad when they insist on having the plastic notes at ALL COSTS. There are times whereby we cashiers have run out of plastic notes in our cash box. This leaves us with no choice but to act like beggars and visit the other counters searching for available plastic notes. Mind you, the other cashiers are also serving a line of customers. Lots of time is lost just to meet the strict requirements of the old lady. (Singapore Coin Museum Opens Today)

Till now, I still don’t get why senior citizens (not all of course) only accept plastic notes because sooner or later, the notes will be used! (for goodness sake)

7) The (Queue) Jumper

“Aiyah…I have only one item to purchase…let me go first lah,” said the old woman as she forced her way to the front end of the queue.

This is one of the most common bad behavior that I have witnessed so far. Queue jumpers are very annoying. I mean seriously, they are really really annoying. They may get away with it the first time, but one day someone may just teach them the lesson. (Singapore Is Really Strange, Can You Explain Please?)

One of my colleagues once shared with me a story whereby she nearly quit her job because of a queue jumper. So what happened? The annoying human being jumped queue and when my colleague tried to stop her and refused to scan her items first, she retaliated and criticized her loudly. My colleague was so embarrassed by the incident that she ran straight to our Section Leader and wanted to resign. I told you they are annoying…

8) I Want That Free Gift!!!

Promotions are available all year round in participating supermarkets. One of the most popular promotions is the free gift. A very good example is the Sunshine Bakeries’ free gift marketing campaign. Some of you may know by now that Sunshine Bakeries is running a promotion whereby a free packet of Hot dog Buns are given upon purchase of their selected types of breads. The thing is that the free gift are only available while stocks lasts. (How To Get Free W-Lan Everywhere In Singapore)

Some customers just don’t get it. They would request for a full refund if the free packet of Hot dog Buns were not given. Some would even accuse us for being misleading. There is no way we can remove the advertising brochure from the bread shelf the moment we run out of the free gifts. Oh and by the way, the brochure also clearly indicates that the free gifts are available while stocks last. I rest my case…

9) Where Did The Herbs Go To?

Thieves are everywhere and one of their favorite spots is the supermarket. Of course, they are not stupid enough to smuggle the whole unpaid product out of the store; so what did they do? Here you go, using a bottle of herbs as an example:

First, he chooses the bottle of herbs that he wants. Next, he opens the lid, pours all the content into the pocket before inserting shreds of paper into the now-empty bottle. Finally, he walked out the store a free man.

Not convinced that the strategy worked? Well, it happened last month! One of the Sales Assistants found the bottle filled with shreds of paper. And herbs are not the only favorite goods stolen; batteries are another easy target. Their small size makes it easy for the thieves to smuggle them out unnoticed.

10) Littering!

What do you do after you have checked your receipt?

  • a) Keep it in the plastic bag and dispose of it at home
  • b) Heck. Just leave it in the basket!

Rubbish bins are available at all counters. Customers usually check their receipts near the entrance. And once done, believe it or not, some of them chose to throw them in the baskets stacked up there. How do I know? I was given the duty to clear the baskets collected at the cashiers and re-stack them up at the entrance once. Well, you guessed it, I had to spend quite some time to clear all the receipts and rubbish left behind in the baskets. Sometimes there is liquid spilled all over the baskets. Ewww…

Singapore’s Consumer Behavior Catastrophe, What Do You Think?

There you go, Singapore’s top ten worst consumer behavior!

Do you agree with all the points mentioned, have you experienced anything similar or even worse consumer behavior?

Please Share your story with us in the comments below!




I just wanted to give you a double thumbs up and a hearty cheers for having *the* most down to earth, lively, and useful guide to Singapore that I’ve found. I’m sure that I will be returning here often to read more latest tidbits and mini info-nuggets in my upcoming year of living in sg. best, tim


thanks a lot!
Its always nice to get compliments for the many work you put into a project, cheers!! Glad you like the blog and information!


i agree with most points, except one. you cant blame that lady for handing u a $1000 bill for a small purchase. she might really have needed that pack of sanitary pads and that was the only bill she had?


i never know singaporean are like that
hahaha thanks for sharing mate

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