Slainte! The 7 Best Irish Pubs in Singapore

Yes you can .. celebrate St Patricks Day in Singapore, have a fresh Guinness or Kilkenny or meet other people completely dressed in green without having to feel like a human cucumber, where? In Singapore’s best Irish Pubs of course! Gp now and you might be able to catch the Happy Hour!

1. Muddy Murphy’s Irish Pub

Probably one of the oldest players in the ring is Muddy Murphys and their Irish Pub, go check it out!

2. Molly Malone’s Irish Pub

The second big name in Irish Pubs in Singapore, organizer of annual Irish events and common place for the irish community to go for St Patricks Day!

3. Obama’s Irish Pub

Obama’s changed the owner recently, but building on the old and “only original” Irish Pub in Singapore, many exciting new Irish Offers are to expected here!

4. Dubliner

The dubliner in Singapore combines great Irish fun with live music and everything the Irish heart needs for a joyful evening.

5. Durty Nelly’s Irish Pub

To keep in line with the Gaelic flair, Durty Nelly’s was built and designed after original Irish Pub and brings everything you need to have a nice cold Guinness after work.

6. Scruffy Murphy’s Irish Pub

Scruffy Murphy’s Irish CafĂ©-Pub is a cosy Irish seaside cottage by the calm shores of Singapore’s East Coast. Probably one of the only Irish Pubs being a Beach Bar at the same time.

7. The Toucan

The Toucan is just in line with the other big names of irish Pubs in Singapore aand stands for everything the Irish needs to have a good time!


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