I’m a slave for you!The Top 5 most Exotic Dance Schools in Singapore

To find some real (good) Pole dancing action in Singapore can be as difficult as finding the holy grale for Indian Jones. Where prostitution has been legalized long ago, “artistic” dancing including poles and/or no clothes is a still being frowned upon. Well, now you can change that on your own, learn how to pole dance / belly dance / fire dance or “just” dance in one of Singapore’s exotic dance schools.

1. Juggle the Heat – Fire Dancing in Singapore

The first time is saw the mesmerizing “Fire Dancers” in Singapore was during a hot night, long ago, at Singapore’s former (and now closed) best Beach Bar KM8. What has been replaced now by some soulless spot with slowly appearing hotels in the back, was once the weekly to go place for the artistic and adventorous Fire Dancers in Singapore.

Now you can be part of the crew, learn how to juggle with the fire and take part in one of the training sessions with the Singapore Fire Dancers.

Find out more about Fire Dancing Here

2. Get your Pole Dancing “Groove” on

Let the pole dancing begin, here we have one of Singapore’s finest Pole Dancing / woman only dance schools. Groove Dance School is a Singapore boutique dance and fitness centre offering pole and exotic dance, Pussycat Dolls choreography and pilates classes over a range of levels and it seems that their instructors know their stuff well, judging from their list of participations in international dance trainings.

Find out more about Groove Pole Dancing Here

3. Jitterbugs Singapore

If you have ever been to the South American regions or the equally beautiful Caribbean Islands, then you will know what I’m talking about when saying “Merengue” is one hell of a sexy way to sweep the dance floor.
Just swing your hips and start the fire, now you can learn the “Latinos” at Jitterbugs, one of Singapore’s best Dance Schools.

Find out more about Exotic Latino Dancing Here

4. Belly Dancing – What more do I need to say?

Uh lalala, if you don’t happen to be a regular guest in one of Arab Quarters cozy little bars or the less cozy but more sleazy establishments at Circular Road, then you wont get the chance to see good Belly Dancing in Singapore very often.
Change that. Learn belly dancing yourself. Angelina Tay is one of the well known trainers and her presence in many public events and celebrations has only brought more people to her doorstep asking to learn how to swing the Belly.

Find out more about Belly Dancing Here

5. Attitude Dance Studio

Dirty Dancing anyone? Salsa doesn’t only look fun but is simply about having fun and being spontaneous on the dance floor. Something that certain people could and should adapt to their real world as well, so why not starting with the easier part, the dancing.
Focusing on dance technique, constant updating of its teaching syllabus with worldwide standards, and drawing on its strength in teaching solid mastery of the fundamentals, Attitude is one of the the foremost dance studio in Salsa and Exotic Dance in Singapore.

Find out more about Salsa Dancing Here



Jasmine Han

Hi babe,

We are trying to promote our Hens Parties / Girls Night out in Bobbis Pole Studio.
Is here anywhere or any outlet you can send this to?

A hens night, birthday party, corporate event or just a general girls night is lots
of fun at Bobbi’s. It goes for an hour and a half from the time you walk in to the
time you walk out. You come in, we dress you all up in sparkly costumes, show you
some pole moves and put a routine together with plenty of times for cool photos on
the stage. The teacher will also put on a short show to inspire you.

The basic package is:
6-14 girls $38 per person
15 girls and over $35 per person
Call the Studio on 6333-4308 to reserve a session! We book out quite a way in
advance so please book in early.

A deposit of $228 is required if your event is before 9pm and $304 it’s after 9pm.
So its fine if you have only a few people but the cost is for a minimum of 6 (8 if
it’s after 9pm). It’s $10 a head if you will like anyone to just come and watch on
the night.

Studio Manager
Bobbis Pole Studio Singapore
222 Queen Street #02-01
Singapore 188550

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