Soccer Fan?

Soccer Fan? Here are 5 Places you must check out in Singapore!

If you happen to be in Singapore during this, world cup, the next football season or you are just as crazy about soccer as me and stuck here the whole year, naturally you want to know about the five best places and not to miss places, which you have to visit, and worship as a total devotee of soccer and football. Here you go!

Singapore Soccer Fans © Photo by Jon - Flickr

1. Watch Singapore’s Soccer League Games And Stadiums

Start with saving up enough money to buy a ticket to enjoy a game with thousands of more soccer crazy brethren at the national soccer league game.

Singapore’s own league is a quite serious topic for all locals, and not only because of the legal Sports Betting thats going on every game day!

You can enjoy these games at Jurong East Stadium, The Kallang National Stadium, Choa Chu Kang Stadium, Jalan Besar, Stadium and the Jurong West Stadium.

• All about Singapore’s Soccer league!

  • Extra Info:
  • • For the benefit of all fans, all S.League matches from 13 June to 9 July will kick off at 7.30pm. This will allow fans to catch the S.League game before catching the World Cup matches at 10pm each night.

2. Singapore’s Biggest and most impressive Stadium

The Singapore National Stadium is able to seat 55,000 cheering soccer fans and has been built in Kallang some many years back.

The home team is of course the Singapore national football team. Apart from football, this Stadium associated with yelling, shouting, dancing, and every other enjoyable activity (I have not seen firecrackers been exploded here, or bottles being thrown into the field, but we are a comparatively sober and well behaved crowd, when compared to the Kolkota football stadium, grin…)associated with football matches.

Read the story of my first visit to a soccer game at the National Stadium.. Exciting!

3. The Best Sports Bars In Singapore

Naturally after all that exertion on the sports field, taking your favourite team on, you are going to find yourself parched, dried out, thirsty, dying for a drink, gasping like a fish, — you get the idea — and ready to spend $15 or more on the best beer around.

So here is your list for the best places to watch soccer live on the big screen, with lots of friends and good drinks and food: The 7 Best Soccer Sport Bars in Singapore!

4. Soccer on the Water – The Float

And for all those people who are looking for a novel soccer game, you would want to visit the Floating Soccer Stadium At Marina Bay.

This Stadium was inaugurated in the summer and if you are lucky, you might catch some matches going on here. Though of course not a World Cup final match! It can carry 9000 people, so that even an army of indignant invaders will not be able to sink it!

• All you need to know about The Float here

5. Indoor Soccer on the Beach – The Cage

Interested in indoor soccer? Then why do not you spend a day at The Cage, the best place in Singapore for indoor soccer?

It is located at 88, Jalan Balan Kapui. Run by three ex footballers, this can be considered to be the best place for some recreational football indoors. So what if Singapore does not have so much land, we can build on water we can build indoors, after all we have the money and we have the creative spirit innit?

• More Information about the cage here



Chan Joseph

I am very diappointed to see how Singapore playing football!!! I am witing for years to see them playing good football and win cups!! But they dont even can beat a team like Philippines in earlier match!!What can I say!!!

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