How One Dream can Change Your Life
And how Sony makes Two Dreams come true!

There I was, shaking, thinking, doubting and not being sure anymore about my decisions, myself, ultimately my dreams that led to this decision, and where they brought me at this very moment. I turn my head as far as possible to the right and take a glimpse out of the window. The propellers are roaring through the thin airplane walls too loud that I could even possibly tell anyone about my skepticism. Around me are maybe ten other people, happy, joking, giving their equipments a last check and waiting for something to happen. Then suddenly outside, nothing, just gray, and seconds later we shoot above the clouds like the cold sweat is running down my back. Fast. From then, everything just .. happens.

A story of 2 Remarkable Men that Changed the World

Sometimes we need to remind people, friends or just everyone who crosses our ways with a grumpy look on their face that we live to live or dreams not just our life and that its never too late to start going after them!

Over 60 years ago, two remarkable men shared the belief, that anything you can imagine, you can make real. And from that moment on, their actions and innovations should change the way, nations and cultures, people all over the world would see and experience the world through media. These two guys were the founders of Sony. And their vision still lives and is bigger then ever!

Sony Wants You to Believe

Today Sony wants you to believe in your dreams too, and I was set back and reminded of me inside that tiny plane spiraling towards the sun when I saw this: Dot Your Dream with Sony – Two Contest by Sony that will help you to make your dreams come reality!

“Reality, that was also what I thought was slowly fading away from me while I was still cramped in the back of our little plane. We had reached amazing 12.000 feet, and then suddenly .. silence. It was about time.

My heartbeat was so loud it must have filled the whole plane like a drum solo. The door opens, cold air flushes into our cabin and I know its that point of no return, that point I strangely never feared in my dreams when I was gently sliding and flying through valleys of lavish greens and high mountains with powdery sugar white snow tops.

I think “Fly like an Eagle” and finally step into nothing..”

Sony’s make.believe – 2 Contests that will change your life

Over 350 Skydives later I cannot believe what would have happened if I hadnt taken that tiny step out of the plane, it became my passion and my source of freedom after too long periods of hard work and office hours. And most importantly, I made my dream come true!

And I want you to be able to tell your friends, your children your parents as well, “Hey I made my dream come true!” and right now, there is a very big chance you will be able to do just that by taking part in one of the two make.believe Sony Contests.

1. Dot Your Dream Contest – Amazing Prizes!

Some call Singapore a city of dreams, a city with the energy of a Tiger, so share that believe and start by sharing your dreams with your fellow citizens. But much better, if you submit your dream (which is as easy as clicking on the following link) you get the chance that your dream is voted the best and most interesting (so be creative) and then.. Sony will sponsor you with up to 100K$!! to make your dream come true! Right here! And the second and third runner up of Dot your dream contest will each get $10K and $5K set of Sony products respectively.

  • How to make your dream come true:
  • 1. Go to and click on the button for “Dot Your Dream Contest” as shown above
  • 2. Choose one of the 4 categories in which your dream best fits into! (game / movie / music / tech)
  • 3. Submit your dream and email in the text fields! And BELIEVE!
  • Important:
    You have time until the 14th March 2010 and the 8 best dreams will be posted by Sony for voting!

2. Photo Contest – Once in a Lifetime Chance!

You are a passionate photographer and you rome through Singapore’s streets always looking for that one shot? You have discovered and snapped everything and every place that is worth banning on digital pictures in Singapore already? Here is what you have not done yet!

Fly to South Africa and take pictures of soccer players fighting for the world cup this year! Be close to the action right from the side of pitch. How? Simply submit your best picture in the Photo Contest and believe you will win! Sony will give away 8 of these amazing trips!

  • How to make your dream come true:
  • 1. Go to and click on the button for “Photo Contest” as shown above
  • 2. Click on the “Join Now” Button and prepare your best photo that fits the topic of “Dot Your Moment” (The arrival of your child? You standing on top of Mount Everest?)
  • 3. Submit your photo with a title and description! And BELIEVE!
  • Important:
    You have time until the 14th March 2010 and the 25 best photos will be posted by Sony for voting!
  • The amazing prize includes:
    -1 pair of air tickets (Not including VISA)
    – air port transfers
    – accommodation
    – 1 entry pass to the side of pitch
    – 1 seat to watch World Cup SA 2010
    – Sponsorship of Alpha DSL camera (to be confirmed)

This is it, you have made the first step and making your dreams come true! Continue, believe and Sony will do the rest!strong>


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