Surprise! 5 Great Ideas for a special Valentine Day in Singapore!

Singapore already being a unique spot on the face of earth, offers many great ideas to celebrate Valentines Day at a whole new different level with unique and special ideas. The city is a blend of various cultures, so it’s a bit natural for them to celebrate every festival in a unique way. Valentine’s Day is the celebration of love. Worldwide, people celebrate on the 14th February to pay homage to the most special human relation.

1. Learn how to Lap-Dance

This seems offbeat in Singapore, but this can surely surprise your partner. Located on cantonment road, the dancing classes by Groove are a perfect destination to get down with your partner. You can completely surprise him by your moves. There is also salsa, pole dancing, exotic dance and cardio salsa. Though, it seems like some hard work, but it can sure spice up the chemistry between you and your beloved.

2. Cable Car Dining

This is one of those rare places where you can dine in the sky. There is a cable car ride between Mount Faber and Sentosa Island. You can have a great meal with your loved one inside the cart while having a panoramic view of the island and the whole city. This is considered to be one of the best spots to propose your love in Singapore. However, do ask her beforehand, if she is afraid of heights.

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3. Romantic Picnic at Botanic Garden

Pack your bag of red flowers, bottle of champagne, sweets, strawberries and chocolate and head down to Botanic Garden with your loved one for a nice walk. Surprise with your preparations and don’t forget to bring a nice blanket.

4. Diving at Underwater World Sentosa

This one for sure is unique! Take your partner to Underwater World Sentosa and don’t just look at the little fishies.. sharks that is, but take some diving gear and jump into the huge aquariums.
You can book this whole adventure now and it for sure is something special!

5. Chocolate Massage

Your partner will love you, this is probably some chocolate lovers ultimate dream! Get covered by some thick layer of actual real warm chocolate, as part of a whole body massage and spar treatment. How amazing is that?

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What are you doing this Valentine Day?

With these crazy ideas, your valentine is sure to be a memorable experience. Apart from these, there are numerous other places and destinations in Singapore, where you can have an exciting valentine’s day. There are subtle alternatives to celebrate this special day in Singapore. But why not make it more special with these unique ideas. Whichever idea you choose from the above mentioned, your partner will definitely feel the vibes emanating from you. So, may this valentine be special for you both.


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