How To Survive A Night At Singapore’s Cinemas

Singapore’s Cinemas Provide Something You Wont Find Anywhere Else…

Freezing Cool Temperatures!

But I know you know already, so let me continue to show you what else you have to take care of and what you definitely must know before attempting a nice evening at one of Singapore’s cinemas.

Book In Advance

In Europe (Germany in my case) it is very common to walk into the next cinema, choose your movie and have a nice evening. Without issues of fully booked rooms or only available seats for the front row.

However, in Singapore going to the cinema is kind of a national sport due to the general lack of possible outdoor activities. This means, be prepared for the mass. And buy your tickets in advance.

Obviously the cinemas are aware of this situation and offer all very convenient and easy ways of buying your cinema tickets and selecting your seats online.

Don’t Come Late Because Of The Usual Advertisement

I used to enter the cinema at least 15 minutes after the “official” start time, just best, after the always same advertisements and before the nice movie trailers.

However in Singapore you will experience the extremes from both sides. Sometimes 30 minutes plus advertisement until the movie finally starts, sometimes no advertisement at all, and the movie starts immediately.

So you better be on time.

Its Getting Cold In Here

Yes, finally the well known issue. Ladies don’t go to the cinema without a jacket or double layers of t-shirts, and boys, don’t forget your good looking Che Guevara scarf, its really very cold in Singapore’s cinemas, and the last thing you want to do is leaving the cinema with blue toes (don’t wear flip flops) and waking up the next day with a heavy cold.

Be Prepared For Constant Noise

I personally already get annoyed if I am sitting in the cinema, watching a nice movie and the idiot next to me thinks he has to comment on every second scene or just tell his friend the latest food court news.

In Singapore people will willingly just ignore the “Please switch off your hand phone” advise and keep on checking their SMS or, I am not kidding, make phone calls during the movie.

Bring a “Shut The F*** Up” sign to just hold in the air during the movie, it might help.

Bring Your Own Food

In Europe the cinemas went as far as forcing you to lock away your bags before being allowed to enter the cinema so you really cannot bring any drinks or food on your own.
Of course were baggy jeans a work around, but in Singapore I have the feeling no one cares about this at all.

Since almost all cinemas are situated within shopping malls, just put whatever meal you intend to bring in your bag and no one will bother or even check upon you.

This Is Quite… Small

Sounds like something stereotype but is true.

I sometimes find myself in a room in Singapore’s cinemas that have less leg space then others.

In fact, some had so few leg space that I was forced to make some strange yoga position for being able to somehow place myself on the seat without constantly kicking my front mans back. (and I am only just over 180 cm)

Your Personal Cinema Experience

What do you think about above points, do you agree or are you one of those simultaneously translating the movie into your friends language via mobile phone?

What are your experiences in Singapore’s cinemas and what are your tips? Share with us in the comments below!




I was surprised to find that the prices charged for food at the cinema is quite low, compared to Australia/New Zealand where they charge what they like – normally a LOT.


i am pretty “suay” (unfortunate) when it comes to watching movies in cinemas; 9 out of 10 times, some dude sitting in front of me would sport a -really- tall hairstyle and sit with his back up so straight his teacher would be so proud of him. i could only blame myself for being short. except for the fact that he keeps shifting left and right and left and right during the movie, which annoys the shi* out of me, cause i just want to watch it in peace!

while i was watching transformers 2 at gv in tm, i experienced worse. some a$$hole sitting behind me kept kicking my chair, and at one point in time, my chair was actually vibrating! i turned around to give the person a dirty look, only to continue receiving kicks. i really felt like kicking up a fuss back then (pun not intended). what would you have done?


We have to remember that going to the Cinema in Europe is 2 to 3 times more expensive than in Singapore. Bring your woolen socks and scarf and enjoy! The VIP theaters come with reclining seats with lots of leg space and blankets, if you want to splurge. It also gets crowded mostly on Saturdays, during the week we find it kind of easy to get tickets.


If you want to watch a movie that starts on time, I recommend Cathay cinemas. For GV, it will take probably at least 20mins for advertisements to run and for Filmgarde, around 10mins.

If you want ample legroom, Filmgarde Illuma/ Kallang meets the requirement.

If you are a fan of GV cinemas, go get your “Popcorn” card (registration is free!) and you are entitled to S$6.50/tix on Tuesday. (normal is S$7.50)

If you have UOB card, you’ll get to watch movies for only S$8 on weekends, not applicable for online booking though. Applies to Cathay only.

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