How The Swine Flue Will Impact Tourism In Singapore

The swine flu outbreak has the potential to paralyze the tourism industry in Singapore. In fact it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the swine flu have erupted at a wrong time when the global travel industry is ailing

How The Swine Flue Will Impact Singapore Tourism

Todays, 29th April 2009 Singapore Expat News come from ““.

In the present situation, Singapore tourism is surely going to witness some decline in the tourism industry because of Asia’s heightened sensitivity to bird flu and such related flu disease threats. The tourism industry of the most happening tourism destination of Asia that is Singapore will suffer because the health ministries of various countries have advised its citizens to avoid trips to the region where the swine flu outbreak has hit.

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Comments: Do You Feel Safe In Singapore?

Now that we have the second deadly pandemic outbreak of a flue virus in Asia, resp the whole world, how safe do you feel in Singapore and what are your memories of the bird flue?

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No, i don’t feel safe in singapore and i’m starting to worry now that swine flu is gonna invade singapore sooner or later.


I went to church (with mostly expats attending) at the Singapore Civil Service College this morning and they checked everyone’s temperature and got them to sign a peice of paper stating that they had not had a cough, sore throat or runny nose or travelled to any of the infectede areas… Singapore is taking the swine flu very seriously… I am not very worried.


so now that we have a whole new situation, i wonder how we will deal with it… just had the first confirmed case in my office today…

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