New Temperature Records In Singapore Soon?

According to the 14-day forecast issued by the National Environment Agency last week, temperatures over the next few days could hit 34 or even 35 deg C. Things could get a lot more uncomfortable too.

The Heat Is On In Singapore

Todays, 11th June 2009 Singapore News come from “Straits Times“.
“The dry weather during this period could result in forest fires in neighboring countries, which may see haze settling over Singapore.

June, traditionally the hottest month of the year here, is also smack in the middle of the south-west monsoon season. This means rainfall levels are likely to be low as rain gets blown away by the strong south-west winds. ”

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Bruce Leeroy

i agree this place SUX. Women are men and men are women here. They dont know what is up or down. Women wear the pants and talk too much while thinking men should cater to them and treat them like princesses when they dont even give good sex. worst country in the world. I’m going back to Iraq!

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